Country Girl Costumes

Sexy Country Costumes

Whether you're from the farm or live in the city, these Country Girl Costumes bring out your flirty, outdoorsy side. Paired with pigtails or a cowgirl hat, you'll show you are ready for some down-home, barnyard fun while sporting your sexy, sun-kissed curves.

Everyone loves the natural look of a down home country gal, so get your country on for your next date or party by wearing one of these cute and sexy country girl costumes! Your choices include the Good ole Girl, with a red tank top that lets your best charms tip over the edge to show off their best look, along with a pair of Daisy Dukes short shorts to show off your legs! Or maybe you'd prefer having some Country Fun in a cute pink polka dot halter top paired with a pink polka dot ruffle on a denim short skirt. If you go for that sweet look, be the cute little Country Girl in a white tube top covered with a short denim jumpsuit giving you that farmer's tan look!

If you really like polka dots try the two versions of the Backyard Tease with the bikinis made of blue or red polka dot fabric that don't leave much the imagination! There's also the Ride em Cowboy version where you can entice your cowboy by wearing this red gingham and black cowgirl outfit with a sexy skirt and a tie up halter top to show off your breasts.

Sexy Cowgirl Costumes

Or sparkle up your love life by being the Sexy Cowgirl with a black and silver bra and black little bottom to get your cowboy's attention fast! Or as the Ravishing Rancher you can hurry to ravish your lover while wearing this tantalizing fringed long sleeved halter top with the matching short shorts and cover in the back. Or maybe you'd prefer being the Shoot em up sexy Cowgirl and have a banging good time! Or be your lover's girl toy while wearing the Toy Cowgirl look with its short black shorts and white sexy bra-like top. Last but not least by a long shot, there is the Garden Ho, who is a looker in a green and yellow jumpsuit.


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