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Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Three Wishes was founded on a simple principle – that every woman deserves to feel sexy when they want to. All too often, plus size women are left out in the cold when it comes to sexy clothing, and lingerie in particular. Some larger women don’t even look for lingerie that is designed to complement their curvy shape at all, and that is a tragedy.

Of course, sometimes it isn’t easy loving the way you look in underwear and lingerie. The lack of plus size representation in the mainstream fashion industry doesn’t help! The reality is, though, that you can look amazingly sexy in the right lingerie! The key is buying for your actual shape, not the one everyone seems to be trying to tell you that you ‘should’ have. Dress for the curvy body you have now, regardless of your goals. You deserve flattering and, yes, sexy lingerie right now.

And there truly are quite a few really good plus sized lingerie designs out there. You can find some of the best sexy plus size clothing in the world right here at Three Wishes. Once you find something that really appeals to you, you’ll find that the confidence to wear it is easier to muster than you might think. One of the best ways to to feel good and get in touch with your plus size sexy self is to wear something you thought you couldn’t, and see how they make you feel. Maybe some crotchless panties or sheer lingerie. You’ll be surprised at how sexy (and confident) the right size lingerie can make you feel.

The erotic lingerie featured here is literally designed with curves in mind. It is intended to help emphasize your best features, and to improve what so many women consider their ‘problem areas. It also offers the support and shaping larger women want, but without sacrificing the delicacy of its appearance. One thing you can be certain of is that no matter how ‘frilly’ your favorite Three Wishes boudoir piece is, it can stand up to the demands you put on it.

Plus sized women need nice, sexy lingerie designed for them from square one – exactly what we stock here at Three Wishes.

Beyond Plus Size Lingerie for Curvy Women

Of course, Three Wishes stocks much more than simply sexy panties and underwear, and all of it is designed exclusively for your body type. If you’re looking for something more exotic, you should take a look at our sexy plus size costumes page.


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