Plus Size Accessories

Plus size stockings and accessories – make your under-outfit

For some of us, plus size lingerie is the excuse we need to wear sexy stockings, and there is nothing wrong with that! The right pair of tights, seamed silk stockings or sexy black hold-ups are exactly what we need to make us feel just as sexy as we look, and isn’t that the point of lingerie?

Once again, we turn to Three Wishes as a source for the sexy plus size clothing that we need – in this case tights that fit our ample figures well. Why are they so difficult to find elsewhere?!? Simply put, most companies fail to design lingerie correctly for lager ladies, and this is doubly true for hosiery.

Hosiery for plus size ladies needs to be well made

Ladies, those stockings and tights are asked to do a lot. When they do the job, our legs look incredible. Whether it is a pair of pantyhose that actually does up to where we need it to, retro-style seamed nylons which attach to that sexy garter belt or hold-ups which – gasp – actually hold themselves up, good hosiery is one of the best things to happen to plus sized women.That goes double for plus size holiday lingerie – as we rediscover every Halloween.

Bad hosiery, though, is a nightmare! They either sag in all the wrong places, dig in to the exact wrong spot of our hips or thighs, or worse yet simply roll down unless we constantly adjust them. That isn’t fun. It isn’t sexy. It simply is not what we deserve!

So how can we be sure to get ‘the good stuff’?

The source of plus sized lingerie done right

Three Wishes literally scours the world for the designers and manufacturers who really understand what plus size women want and need from their undergarments, and that includes all of their stockings, hose and accessories.

They simply do what we need our hosiery to do! It may be a sad day when you actually have to point that out, but at least there is one place you can come to online and know you’ll always get quality. I never go anywhere else.


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