Plus Costumes

Who doesn’t love a costume party?

Unfortunately, lades, some of us don’t – or at least didn’t used to until we found a good place to find ‘fancy dress’ and Halloween costumes that were really designed to flatter our more ample frames, rather than merely grudgingly scaled-up into a shapeless mess.

It will come as no surprise, considering where you are reading this, that I’m leading up to some praise for Three Wishes. Three Wishes is dedicated to a pretty simple premise, and yet one that is so very rare in the fashion world today – the idea that well designed, sexy plus size clothing is a priority.

Now, of course, we do have a costume section. It is separate from the holiday and plus size lingerie section (more about that later), but this is definitely the place to go for that ‘sexy witch’ or ‘French maid’ costume you want, but never thought would look good on you.

Costumes designed from the start to flatter us plus sized ladies

These are some really high quality costumes, and let’s be honest – we need that. A few wisps of satin and Velcro might be enough for some women, but our costumes need a bit more infrastructure! Three Wishes works with some of the best designers of plus size lingerie in the business, so they know all there is to know about making a little bit of fabric do a lot of work.

You’ll find these costumes to be made to the standards you’ve come to expect from Three Wishes. But they don’t just look good, they look good on women like us.

This is about design, inspiration and construction, not just about sizing. I invite you to take a look at what we have this season. I’m sure you can find quite a few that appeal to you in ways you never thought a party costume could!

Of course, the real party might start at home, when the costume comes off.

Why not keep the mood going – or start it without bothering with a costume party – with some holiday themed lingerie? We big girls deserve a little fun at home too, don’t we?


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