Bras are necessary attire for women. Not all women like them, because the feeling of having no bra on is better than having it on. However, there are people who would feel uncomfortable walking in public without a bra, and there is also the possibility of offending someone when you decide to walk around without a bra on. This is why every woman needs to have a bra, even just one.

Therefore, because there is an obvious need to own them, then it is necessary to own bras that are pleasing to the eye and well-fitting at the same time. Three wishes has to be the best place to buy good bras. Even if a person is not really concerned with what their bra looks like so long as it fits, then they are guaranteed to get a good one because they are all well-made and designed.

Whether you are shopping for sexy lingerie or for an everyday bra or something to wear while working out, the main goal when finding the right one is making sure that it fits. There are a couple of things that can happen when your bra does not fit right, including back aches and scarring. Even worse, if you are an active person but your bra cup size is too big, then there is a possibility of hurting your muscles.

In order to secure yourself a bra that feels and looks good, then you need to know the basics of how to do it. For example, how to find the right cup size and what designs are trending. This way, you can look good every time you put on a bra, and if you are not the only one you are dressing up for, then your partner will also appreciate your efforts. Here are a few pointers to help you find the perfect bra & panty sets for yourself.

Find a bra that looks good

Owning good looking bras and panties does not have to be something you do only when you are in a relationship, because it could help you feel sexier and more confident. Some of the best bras to buy in order to look good are push up and padded bras. You can also opt for pasties. They might not be very comfortable but they are guaranteed to impress. Having a seamless bra is also important as it will not show through your clothing.

Try to find bras that have cool colors and patterns that are eye catching. Embroidery like lace makes an ordinary bra look even better, and matching your bras & panties and add a kick to your lingerie.

Vary the types of bras that you own

Shelf bras are usually the best when you just want to look sexy, because they have good support and have a small coverage. It is always a good idea to have a bikini bra, just so that you don’t have to swim in your ordinary bra. They are made in a way that makes them comfortable for you to swim in and the nylon like material is good for the water.

And if you are into sports, then you must have a sports bra. These will give you the maximum support that you need, because they cover a large surface area. If you have a big bust, then you should consider a full coverage padded bra, because their straps are thick enough for support and they can give the uniboob impression that is so popular these days. The padding will also help to hide your nipples.

Shop according to your body size.

It is tempting to want to buy a bra that you saw on a model, but then this is not always a good idea. For one, models don’t actually wear some of the stuff they showcase, so while it might look good on her it might not be her size, or yours. And it might also not be as comfortable as she may make it seem; although this is okay if you only care about looking good rather than feeling good.

In any case, you must find out what your size is, and to do that, you need to measure your bust size. There are two steps to this. The first thing to do is take a tape measure around your boobs. You will have to do this with a simple bra on that is neither a push up bra or a padded/silicon bra. You will need to ensure that the tape measure is not slanting, but it should be parallel to the ground and go around your nipples. This is because you need to find the largest point of your boobs and the nipple is usually where this is.

Once you have measured your boob size, record the measurements. This will help you to identify your cup size. The next thing to do is take the tape measure around the ribcage just underneath your boobs. If you are looking for sexy lingerie, this time, you want to make sure that the tape is tight and snug, but not too tight. This will help you to find the size of your band.

In order to find out what your bra size is, you need to take the cup size, which is usually the larger size, minus the band size, which is the smaller size. The difference in inches will usually give you the letter of your cup size. One inch is an A cup, two is B cup, three is C cup, four is D cup and so on. When you combine the letter of your cup size to your band size then you get your bra size. For example, 32A or 42B.

Just in case you feel like the process is too long for you, then you can always ask an attendant to help you measure, even if you are not actually buying a bra that day. It will help if you measure on a day when your body is not bloated because of hormones, and if you are on a weight loss or weight gain journey, then it is best to measure again after every 10-pound weight gain or loss. This is because our bra sizes change with our body size change.


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