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Any self-conscious woman understands how important it is to have eye catchy bras and panties. Finding sexy panties and bras that fit is an important aspect of rocking your undergarment look. It is often said, how good you look on the outside is somewhat determined by the undergarment you chose for the day.

You will also agree that putting on sexy undergarment can take you from zero to a hundred instantly on the confidence radar. At three wishes, you can get a wide array of panties and bras. They are available as sets, and singles of thongs & G-strings, boy shorts, boxers, hipsters, fullback ties, shelf bras, silky bras, seductive bras and so much more.

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your bras and panties, there are certain things you need to know. Here are some undergarment hacks that can help to keep your undergarments in their best shape for longer.

Bras and Panty hacks for you

Sort your undergarments

It is normal for people to view undies as simple garments and with often neglect them. This means that you probably have very old undies in your drawers. It is time for you to sort your underwear and get rid of anything you no longer wear. If you are honest with yourself, there was no way you were going to wear these old things anyway. This will make it easy for you to get new sexy bras and panties because you created space for them in your drawers.

Organize your underwear

Now that you have gotten rid of all unnecessary panties and bras, you need to come up with an organizing system. You can invest in a drawer organizer. This helps you to organize the undies by categories. You can also do it by color, material, pairs or type. This is a very good way to ensure you do not waste time sorting through your undies every morning as you look for the appropriate pair to wear.

Keep your favorites close

We all have a few bra & panty sets that we just love to wear and probably go with everything. If you have a certain type of panty and bra design you fancy, it is always a good idea to have as many as you can. The same goes for the basic underwear items such as a good tan bra or a seamless panty. You can never have enough of these. It is also a good idea to have a few different colors to avoid rotating the same ones a lot.

Always wash in the delicate bag

Most people find it tedious to wash their bras and panties because they usually do it separate with the other laundry. Even so, this process does not have to be as bad as it is. You can either choose to wear disposable pasties, or you put your undies in different delicate bags. These bags are washer and dryer friendly and ensure your undies are washed with care. These bags also protect your other clothes from incidences like pulling off your favorite blouse’s fiber by the bra hooks.

Investing in undergarment tools

It is important for you to buy well-fitting bras. Even so, sometimes we get a bra with a slightly short band. Thankfully, tools such as bra extenders or the bra converting lips can come in handy. Small items like these can save your day in case you have a situation with your undergarment. Always have a few of these tools at hand and some in your handbag. You will love them in case you suffer an underwear malfunction.

Invest in a lot of bra and panty sets

Wearing a bra and panty that match can leave you feeling like a million dollars. They are especially ideal for parties or romantic evenings, but you can wear them on any given day. Just like your little black dress, a lady should also own sexy camisole & cami tops. They come in different colors and designs to suit your fancy. If you haven’t already, you should also consider in investing in a shelf bra and panty set. Three wishes offers a wide range of panties and bra sets to choose from.

Plan for your undies as you do your outfits

You need to invest the same amount of energy you use in planning your day’s outfit in planning for your undies too. While it may seem unrealistic, what you wear underneath is as important as what you wear on the outside. By planning your underwear, you get to choose which bra and panty best goes with your outfit. This can go a long way in ensuring you match colors that go together to avoid a malfunction such as seeing your panty or bra through your office clothes or having a visible panty line.

Ensure you invest in the right support for your body

There is nothing as important as ensuring you have the right bra and panty for your body. It not only enhances how you look but also ensures you are comfortable all day long. If you wear a high waist skirt or trouser, ensure you pair it with a high waist panty. If your bust is a large size, invest in bras that are designed to support big busts. Three wishes has a wide selection panties and bras for different women and different body types. Just take your time to find the right size and design for you.

Types of bras and panties, and how to wear them

Seamless/contour bra

This is a type of sexy lingerie bra designed to be worn with clingy or knitted clothing. The way it is designed ensures that bumps and straps do not stick out through the fabric. The cups always maintain their shape and are made of thicker material to cover the nipple adequately.

Hipster panties

This is a regular piece of panty given its name because of the way its waistband sits on the hips. It is best for low waist trousers and jeans. They have leg holes that are low cut. They are super comfortable and offer a lot of coverage.

Underwire Bra

Bras that are made with underwire around the base of the cup are meant to give the breasts structure and keep them anchored on your chest. They are most common in the nursing mothers section, Mastectomy bra section and in the full coverage sections.

Classic briefs panties

They are also referred to as granny panties because of their maximum coverage and high waistbands. These are some of the most comfortable panties available. You can pair them with high waist jeans or during that time of the month.

Pushup bras

If you want to push your boobs higher, a pushup bra will work wonders. If you have breast asymmetry, pushup bras are also recommended. You can go for a pushup bra that allows you remove the padding when you don’t want to draw too much attention to your boobs. They can be work with low neck dresses and blouses.

Thongs and G-strings

This is an erotic design panty. The waistband sits just below the waistline while providing very minimal butt cheeks coverage. The front part is usually covered with the sides resting almost on your hipbone. Lingerie adds more glamour if you are looking for something for your naughty nights. These are best for bodycon skirts and dresses as they do not have a panty line.

G-strings, on the other hand, are similar to things but are more intimate and provide even less coverage. The fabrics on the front and back are connected to the waistband that is made of a string. They are best when you are looking to spice things up. They are ideal when worn for sunbathing or as beachwear.

Convertible and Strapless bras

If you are looking for wear a skin-baring outfit, the convertible or strapless bra is your best bra choice. Convertible bras allow you to switch how the straps are placed. You can choose to crisscross them or wear in any other way that hides them in your dress. On the other hands, a strapless bra does not come with straps. All its support comes from the band. Because of this reason, it is advisable to but a strapless bra that is one size lower in band size and a cup size up.

Seamless panties

This is one of the most comfortable boy shorts you can wear. As its name implies, it is a type of panty that does not have visible seams or stitches along the hemlines. These are perfect for everyday dressing and also ideal for wearing with body-hugging dresses or leggings. You can pair them with sheer dresses, pants, and trousers too.

Shelf bra

This is ideal when you are looking to enhance your bust line and also get a sexy silhouette. They will hold your breasts up and make them appear fuller. It leaves the breast exposed. It is a great seduction peace because the nipples are usually left exposed with the better part of the breast. It can be worn with dresses or blouses with low hanging cleavage lines.

At three wishes, you will find a wide range of these and more sexy bra and panties to choose from.


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