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Three wishes is your ultimate online lingerie shop. Here, you will find a wide variety of sexy babydoll lingerie and nighties to suit your needs. What’s more, you can shop from the comfort of your living room.  Our collection features various sexy designs and styles from numerous brands, to ensure that everyone finds something they can resonate with. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best babydoll lingerie and nightoes in terms of quality and durability.

Our collection consists of carefully chosen teddy lingerie & bodystockings pieces which will flatter your figure and make you feel sexy and confident. Discover the numerous pieces from our portal and choose between different colors and fabric.

Understanding Babydoll Lingerie & Negligee

A babydoll is a short and loose fitting piece of sexy lingerie which can be used as an undergarment or sleep wear for women. These come in different styles; some are sleeveless while others come with varying sleeve lengths. Babydoll lingerie and chemises continue to evolve with the changing times, and designers are also coming up with more intricate designs. For instance, some lingerie pieces come with a fastened sloppy and short fitting skirt, and a bralette for added support.

Many times, this type of lingerie comes with additional features such as marabou (down feather trimming), lace trimming, ribbons, bows, spaghetti straps, and ruffles. One of the commonly used fabrics for babydoll lingerie is see through or sheer fabric such as silk, chiffon, and nylon.

Babydoll lingerie is associated with a lingerie designer of American descend who was known as Sylvia Pedlar. She made them in the year 1942, an action which was necessitated by fabric shortage experienced during the World War II. Her designs would later be referred to as babydolls, a name she neither liked nor used.

Babydolls would later be popularized by a movie released in the year 1956 which was named similarly. From then on, the popularity of this garment soared high. During those earlier years, sexy babydoll lingerie was made of a short and sloppy fitting bloomer bottom and a top. It had elastic around the legs and the waist.

The bloomer was later replaced by slightly fitting briefs complete with elastic around the legs and waist area. Today, babydoll lingerie has been modernized and does not feature elastic around the legs and waist anymore. The bottoms are either tap pants or shorts.

Currently, babydoll lingerie and sheer nighties are considered sexy seductive adult garments and fall under lingerie. They are designed to expose women’s cleavage and legs, with various designs including a set of matching panties. They are usually short enough which many wearers reckon enhances sex appeal. Sexy Babydoll lingerie is being embraced across the wedding industry as bridal lingerie. This has been attributed to the fact that they are more reasonably priced as compared to bridal corsets. Again, they are available in numerous colors and designs as opposed to the corsets.

Available Babydoll Lingerie Styles

We already know that there are numerous babydoll lingerie styles that come with varying lengths. Let us analyze some of them.

·         Sleeveless

Sleeveless babydoll lingerie and chemises are some of the most commonly worn pieces. They come with simple spaghetti straps but you can find some with wider straps. Narrow straps will look good on all women regardless of their size, while the wider straps are likely to make you look chubby.

·         With A Bra

Some babydoll lingerie pieces come complete with a bra for extra support. If you want to purchase these, ensure they have a tight bodice especially if you have a big bust. Bras come in different designs such as the underwire type which is also good for women with big busts. If you are looking for more support, a little sexy seduction, and comfort, you can choose babydoll lingerie that has a pushup bra.

·         One Piece Lingerie

One piece babydoll lingerie gives you more coverage especially if you are conservative. Choose a loose fitting piece as opposed to a tight fitting one. The former will flatter your body more while the latter may give you a clumsy and funny appearance.

·         Waist Length

Waist length lingerie can be very sexy. If you are confident enough to show your undergarments, you can go for this style. However, if you are looking for more coverage you may want to consider a longer piece.

·         Mid Thigh Length

This is another common style in the babydoll lingerie industry. They resemble a small dress and any woman can feel confident and sexy in one.

·         With An Opening At The Middle

This style comes in two types. There are those that split down in the middle but come with a strap at the waist, while some open from the bust downwards. Both looks are sexy but can be quite revealing depending on the fabric. You may want to wear them at the confines of your room. Still, you can pair them with a beautiful sheer negligee for more coverage.

Babydoll Lingerie & Chemise Materials

·         Chiffon

Chiffon is thin and comes with a slightly rough yet soft texture. It drapes well on your body and you can experiment with various colors such as black, red, pink, and purple. Sheer chiffon makes you feel sexy. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone.

·         Lace

Lace can be quite sexy but you want to choose a combination of the fabric with another softer material. This is because lace can be itchy. Babydoll lingerie with lace trimmings works much better.

·         Silk

Silk is natural and many women love it. Babydoll lingerie and chemises made from silk are soft, sexy, and irresistible. Choose a loosely fitting piece if you are looking to flatter your body more.

·         Chemises

Chemises are modern day light garments for women. They are loose fitting, delicate, often sleeveless and can be quite revealing. They can be worn as underwear or nightwear. They are sexy, elegant, and come in different and designs. You will find a wide variety of chemises and corsets in our online store from various brands. They are available in many flattering styles and colors. You can choose elegant pieces made from combined fabric such as sheer and lace fabric, or satin and mesh fabric.

Every woman can wear a chemise and still feel sexy and confident. They are designed to suit regardless of their heights, shapes, or sizes.



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