Sexy Tops For Women

Fashion has evolved with the times. Today, many women are experimenting with different tops to accentuate their bodies. Three wishes is an online sexy clothing store where you can find different tops depending on your preference. Our store features plain colored, flowered, patterned, striped, and polka dotted tops. There are various designs, sizes, and cuts to choose from. You can find different tops made from various fabrics.

Sexy Tops For Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for a dressy evening top or want to achieve a laid back appearance, we have different tops that suit different occasions. From sexy halter tops to strapless tops and long sleeved dressy tops, you can find everything that you desire. Whether flirty, ruffled, or frilly pieces are your style, you have various options to choose from. You can also go for crop tops with a front tie, sleek and cool bodysuits, or bold tops. Our collection features different tops to suit your budget, event, and mood.


Camisoles can either be ruffled or plain. They are appropriate for a day date especially during summer. These come in different fabrics such as cotton, satin, and silk. The camisole is a versatile cloth that comes in a simple design and thin straps. There are numerous ways of pairing a camisole such as; with a long and comfortable sweater, with high waist jeans, or even skirts. If you choose a more fitting camisole, then layering it under a sweatshirt is ideal. Below are some tips to enable you rock the camisole appropriately.

  • Tuck it inside a skirt to achieve a sexy and modern look.
  • If you want to achieve a feminine look, pair your silk camisole with a nice cardigan or blazer.
  • To achieve a polished look, wear a good bra preferably a smooth cupped one under your camisole.
  • Looking for more support and extra coverage, find camisole with an inbuilt shelf bra.
  • To achieve a stylish and classy look, pair your lace camisole with wide leg trousers or boyfriend jeans.
  • Avoid wearing well fitting camisoles with tight fitting jeans. If you want to rock a tight camisole, then pair it with an A line skirt or layer it under a cardigan or jacket.
  • Remember, using accessories will enhance the way you look in a camisole. A choker or thin layered necklaces will do.

Sheer Tops

Sheer tops never go out of trend since they are a combination of delicate and sexy. There are different ways of rocking sheer tops which include;

Wear it on top of a crop top. This gives you a casual yet sophisticated look. Complete the look with pretty shoes, and minimal makeup and you are good to go.

While long sleeved sheer tops are difficult to rock, finding the appropriate sexy clothing design for your body type makes it worth the investment. These come in different styles such as form fitting and flowy. Long sheer tops give you full coverage yet leave you looking gorgeous and sexy.

Wear a long dressy sheer top on top of a tank top. This is ideal for you if you are reserved and do not want to show too much skin. While you can experiment with different colors, monochromatic pieces work well.

Pair a sheer top with a nice blazer and sexy leggings. The top enhances the blazer’s look while giving it a romantic yet delicate touch. Use accessories minimally to maintain the great look.

Patterned or embroidered sheer tops give you an irresistible look. They come in flowery or dotted details which convert the top into a fine artwork and giving it a dressy look. It can be worn as a casual outfit. Wear it on top of a well fitting camisole.

If you are looking for sheer tops for work, ensure that do not reveal too much skin. There are numerous designs that are comfortable and still look elegant for the office.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are classic, elegant, and quite versatile. There are many colors you can choose from and different ways of rocking the same. They come at a reasonable price and you can incorporate them in your wardrobe if you are looking to achieve a chic and classy look.

How To Wear Tank Tops

Wear white or blank tank tops with skinny jeans for a stylish yet simple look. Complete the look with boots. This look is casual yet chic and is perfect if you `are meeting friends for an afternoon day out or just running simple errands. Enhance your final look with some accessories such as bracelets and a necklace.

If long tank tops are your preferred choice, pair a nice piece with jeans and complete the look with a bomber jacket. You can choose various colors such as black, grey, or even white. Whatever you do, a dark or bold colored bomber jacket goes well with a light colored tank top and vice versa.

Pair a black tank top with black sexy short shorts. You can rock this look for a casual event. Accessorize minimally and complete the look with nice comfortable shoes.

Choose a white or black tank top and pair the same with boyfriend jeans. These are more comfortable, make you feel relaxed and can be a perfect alternative to skinny jeans. Throw in a hat and a sweater and use minimal makeup. Accessorize with a big beaded necklace to complete the casual look.

Styling a Sexy Top

Your styling options will be determined by the statement you intend to make. You can convert a subtly flirty top into a classic yet chic look. If you want to achieve a smart casual look, pair your sexy top with flat shoes and a nice well fitting pair of jeans.

Enhance your look by combining your elegant top with jewelry such as over the top rhinestone chokers, big earrings, and bracelets. Still, you can pair your top with leather pants or fitted skirts. Complete the look with beautiful heels.

Dress tops can easily be styled for the ideal evening out with stylish black pants or long skirts. Remember, you can transform a figure hugging going out top from evening to day clothing by wearing it in different ways such as; wearing it over a turtleneck or button down shirt.


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