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Many individuals love attending music festival events to get an idea of new fashion trends, because it is an irresistible party, or because they want to get a glimpse of the lineup. However, finding the appropriate clothing for a music festival or rave can be an arduous task. Always remember that the ideal outfit should be functional, comfortable, and stylish.

You can find some of the best trends in rave clothing right here. For instance, three wishes is an online sexy clothing store where you can find different types of appropriate festival or rave clothes. Over the years, music festival lovers have embraced bohemian and skin baring outfits. However, this is fast changing with the times as new and polished trends make their way into the market.

The music festival gives you the opportunity to experiment with an innovative trend you probably have not tried before. These can range between cool hats, a huge pair of sunglasses, or a rainbow striped outfit.

Many music festival events happen during the summer and come with a stipulated dressing code. Many times, these can be both monotonous and tiring, such as maxi dresses, platform sandals, frayed denim shorts, and espadrilles. You can change these rules to get a unique yet comfortable look. Below are some tips to help you pull out this look in an extraordinary manner.

Avoid Culturally Inspired Clothes

Chances are that many attendants will go for this specific look. Try to avoid it in order to stand out of the crowd especially if it is a culture you do not conform with. Ensure that your outfit makes you feel good about yourself and is appealing to the other attendants. The best way to pull this out is by wearing your own individual design and accessorizing it appropriately to give it that party feel. Ignore every festival trend and invent a personal style that looks cool, is comfortable, and raises eyebrows.

Wear Dirt Resistant Shoes

When it comes to choosing shoes, go for shoes that can withstand dirt especially in the event that the weather changes suddenly and rains fall. In this case, cotton flat shoes and espadrilles would be inappropriate. You want to go for a shoe that will leave your feet feeling comfortable and dry. You can carry an extra pair of cute and stylish rain boots or rubber wellies. Pair these with some sexy leggings to complete the look.

Choose Clothes You Can Comfortably dance in

A music festival or rave is never complete without dancing. With that in mind, choose your sexy clubwear dresses carefully and avoid platforms as they can send you stumbling down causing you untold embarrassment. Of course you can rock them if you are good at balancing them. The ideal shoes would be sneakers, sandals, or boots with a little heel or even flat.

Your ideal festival or rave outfit should be comfortable, light, and easy to wear. Make sure the outfit looks good on you especially if you want to display your photos on instagram. Remember, your photos will look extra good if you appear to be having genuine fun as opposed to seeming worn out in poorly fitting uncomfortable shoes and clothes.

Music Festival Ideas To Try


Metallics are an ideal and fresh way of brightening up a rave outfit. We have a number of metallic outfits in our page which range from rompers, skirts, dresses, and bodysuits. They are comfortable and you can try this trend for a unique look.

Off the shoulder tops

These can be flattering, versatile, and flowy. There are so many styles to choose from. They are reasonably priced, classic, and trendy. You can pair them with some denim pants, shorts or even short skirts. If you are looking to achieve a bohemian look, pair a high waist long skirt with a cropped and pretty off the shoulder top.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

These play an important role especially for you if you have difficulties finding the ideal bottoms to pair with your fancy top. These are versatile and can be worn for different events.


You can choose a long or short vest to change the appearance of your outfit. Try rocking a white floaty top if you are looking to achieve a bohemian look. Choose a fluffy yet short top for an uptight look.


Find some sexy clothing such as; laid back flare pants, boyfriend denims, bell bottoms, or wide legged pants. If you want to pull out a retro or timeless look choose informal loose fitting pants.

Mesh and crochet knit pieces

Both mesh and crochet have been embraced as festival clothing. Recently, many festival goers have increasingly been rocking crochet and mesh clothing. You can rock loose crochet knit tops and bold mesh tops.

Sports bras

These are no longer worn for the gym only. Today, women are rocking them as part of their everyday wear. The best options for a music festival event would be pieces with crisscrossing bands and graphic colors. This is a rave clothing staple.

A nice jacket

Since festival weather is bound to change abruptly, a good jacket goes a long way in keeping you warm. You cannot predict when the chilly or windy nights will come calling. Choose a jacket that is comfortable and classic without compromising your entire look.

Shawls, scarves, and wraps

There are various ways of wearing these accessories. You can tie them on your hair, wrap them around your neck, or have them attached to your belt loops. They are a perfect way of adding patterns and color to your outfit. They can also raise eyebrows while allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Pair your preferred outfit with an appropriate pair of shoes. You can also accessorize and complete your look with a nice and stylish pair of sunglasses. Not only do they give you a cool effect, they will protect your eyes against the sun.

Try different shapes to establish the shapes that look good on you. You can experiment with mirrored and colored lenses. When it comes to frames and rims, there are numerous styles to choose from such as; black, gold, or silver frames, and tortoise shell rims.

You'll be ready to rock your next festival or rave with any of our clothing selections!


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