Sexy Leggings

Leggings or skin tights were quite popular in the earlier years among both men and women. Fashion and times have since transformed and leggings are now available in various types, styles, and patterns. Leggings can be paired with numerous sexy clothing that ranges from dresses and tops. At three wishes, we have a wide variety of leggings to choose from. They come in various fabrics and styles.

Understanding Leggings

Leggings are designed to draw attention towards your shoes, and boost the wearers comfort. They do not come with pockets, buttons, or zippers and this gives your legs a smooth and flattering look. To ensure they look good on your bottom and legs, choose a well fitting size. Sometimes, finding the ideal outfit to pair with your leggings can be a tedious activity. However, they can be worn by women of all body types and age.

Leggings are available in various patterns and styles, and you can choose from the numerous designs available in our online retailer. If you love wearing leggings, you will be glad to know that there are many ways of rocking them with sexy clothingregardless of the weather or season. Leggings unlike tights are see-through and more aerated. In addition, they come in different lengths that vary from ankle to knee. Many women may opt for ankle lengths since they give the legs a slender and longer look.

Leggings are popular among many women because of their smoothing effect. You can try different styles in order to establish the one that makes you feel comfortable, or looks good on you. Before choosing shiny leggings, understand that they may augment flaws on your legs. In addition, some pieces may appear too nude unless you cover them with a long top.

While leggings are versatile, finding the right clothes to pair them with can be an arduous task. Let’s find out how to pair them with various outfits.

Leggings With Tops

There are numerous tops you can pair with a nice pair of leggings, feel comfortable, and look sexy. Pick a fancy pair of leggings like the opaque dot leggings and pair the same with plain long tops. You can also opt to pair a structured top with an ordinary plain colored legging. Avoid longer tops that go past your knees if you are short or petite.

Many women like pairing their leggings with a loose fitting top or blouse especially during the hot weather. Such blouses give you a sophisticated feminine look, and you can alternate different styled or colored blouses with the same legging. Women who have difficulties finding a bottom covering blouse can go for men’s shirts instead.

Tunics are ideal for you if you love leggings. These come in various styles, fabrics, designs, and are shapely. Pick out a comfortable fabric that does not cling on the legging. Both plus size and petite women can look beautiful in same colored leggings and tunics. If you opt for caftan tops, ensure to match them appropriately according to length and color.

Oversized T-shirts

If you are looking for a combination of comfort and style, choose oversized t-shirts. You can change the way they look on you by complimenting them with the right accessories. Oversized shirts should not look weird on you. Choose a piece that is long enough to cover your buttocks and fits loosely.

Asymmetrical Tops

These enhance the look of your legs. They are available in various beautiful and creative styles, and are currently trending among many fashion enthusiasts. The designs vary from elongated sides, long middle and short sided tops. Asymmetrical tops are best worn loose, and these can be purchased from any rave clothing store. Avoid tight fitting asymmetrical tops since they tend to highlight the belly area. Get more cover up by pairing your leggings with a cardigan or sweater as opposed to a jacket. If a jacket is the only outfit you can find, try to pair the same with a pretty little dress or a skirt.

Wearing Leggings With A Dress

You can pair your leggings with different types of stylish short dresses. For instance midi and mini dresses pair well with leggings since they enable you to display different colors as opposed to nude legs. They give you more freedom, make you more comfortable, and give you a sexy feel. Leggings can add radiance and sophistication to a pretty dress. While you do not necessarily have to pair your maxi dress with leggings, you may need to buy some sexy liquid hot black leggings if the maxi dress features slits.

If you have to purchase leggings, try them first to see how they look without the dress. This allows you to establish whether they are the best option for your type of legs. If they give you a smooth finish, then they will look good with your short dress. On the other hand, baggy leggings may give your legs a shapeless appearance. Still, they can look good when paired with a big dress of a similar color. If you are looking to give your legs a slimming effect, pair calf length leggings with knee length dresses. If you have small hips, opt for a skater dress. Not only will it add volume to your hips, it will give you a slimming appearance.

Pairing Leggings With Skirts

Short skirts can be worn by women regardless of their age. However, showing legs is not something everyone wants to do. This is where leggings come in. With these; you get the freedom to rock your sexy tops for women in a modest yet confident manner. You can wear a sexy skirt and pair it with one of the available stylish leggings in our shop. Leggings allow you to sit more comfortably and to walk with freedom without having to worry about the flaws on your legs if there are any.

The available leggings can go well with skirts made of any fabric. However, avoid skirts whose fabric clings on the leggings as this can be very uncomfortable. Leggings look more beautiful when paired with casual skirts with mid thigh hemlines. A skirt that is shorter than that may not look good with leggings. Additionally, pairing a skirt with leggings may not be ideal for a formal setting.


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