Sexy Short Shorts

Sexy short shorts are the perfect way of beating the hot weather. These are also called booty shorts or hot pants are are normally worn during summer. Even then, rocking short shorts is not easy and many people have difficulties pulling off this look. Short shorts come in numerous styles and you can find one that suits you at three wishes.

Understanding how to wear shorts appropriately will give you a stylish look while allowing you to remain cool. Here are some useful tips.

Find The Correct Fit

Just like any other sexy clothing, your shorts should be well fitting. There are various short flaws to avoid when searching for the perfect piece such as;

Sliding shorts. This happens if the shorts have a wide waist. You do not want this especially if you have narrow hips. Fit the shorts to ensure they do not slip off or sag.

Shorts with muffin tops. The waist in these shorts is not wide enough to fit around you appropriately. They, therefore, end up compressing your stomach.

Shorts that go up. A poorly fitting short is likely to roll up along your thighs. This can cause your butt cheeks to fall out of the shorts and it is quite painful.

Wear the appropriate outfit to match your short shorts

Short shorts are just like any other bottom and you need to pair them appropriately. For instance, avoid patterned sexy tops for women if your short shorts feature prints detail. In addition, do not combine dark neutral colors. Pair dark colored short shorts with bright colored tops.

Choose the right shoes. Short shorts can be paired with different types of shoes. Even then, some designs will work better than others. For instance;

Thigh high boots are stylish, trendy, and smart. Choose thin boots that closely resemble stockings.

Stilettos. Pairing high shoes with short shorts will give your legs an appropriately toned long appearance.

Casual flat tennis shoes will look superb when paired with short shorts. In addition, they are an ideal stylish summer look.

Avoid long tops

Do not pair your short shorts with oversized tunics or t-shirts as they make you appear like you are nude on your lower side, and attract bad attention.

Wear the right underwear

It is important to consider wearing appropriate underwear that does not peak through if your shorts are quite short. Avoid boy shorts and boxers, and instead go for a bikini or high cut brief.  Check on the mirror to ensure that your underwear is not showing.

Pair short shorts with a vest or blazer

Wearing a vest or a blazer with short shorts will create balance within the outfit, while giving you a stylish and trendy look. If you want to add a touch of fashion, then a blazer is the ideal sexy clothing to choose.

Exercise in order to achieve a comfortable shape and form

Wearing short shorts enables you to show off your legs. Of course you want them looking well toned. However, if you want them to appear muscular or skinny, you may want to enroll in a gym for some strength training exercises or aerobics.

This goes a long way in giving you that polished tone. Do not try to achieve the impossible though. Be confident enough to appreciate your legs regardless of their size or shape. With confidence, you can rock any type of short shorts and pull off the look like a pro.

Waxy or shave your legs

Waxing or shaving may not be necessary for some people. However, hairless legs appear to be well toned and longer. If you choose waxing, ensure your bikini area is hair free.

Moisturize your legs


Give your legs extra attention when it comes to moisturizing. You do not want to be walking around with dry flaky skin. If you swim frequently, chlorinated water may dry your skin out. To avoid this, always rinse your body with tap water after swimming. Again use mild soap and a good moisturizer.

How to buy the ideal short shorts

Consider purchasing flattering pieces. Various short styles can drag attention from specific body features, or magnify them. You want to buy a short that is stylish and looks good on you.

Shorter shorts will give your legs a longer appearance while midrise and low cut shorts lengthen your torso and make your legs shorter.

Wear longer short shorts with an A line outline to accentuate your curves.

Choose pieces that flatter your legs if they are thick and pick skinny shorts if your legs are thin. Fitted cut shorts will give thin legs a fuller appearance.

When going shopping, tag someone along

A friend will give you their honest opinion on how a short looks on you. Try different styles until you find one that resonates with your body frame and features. Remember, someone else will be able to spot flaws that you cannot notice. Ensure the person you choose is honest and trustworthy. Only then will you be assured of an honest opinion.

What short shorts style are you looking for?

While shorts are generally worn to counter hot weather, different short shorts types are ideal when worn for the ideal occasion. Consider what you intend to use your short shorts for and the look you are looking to achieve. Whether you want to achieve a casual, sexy look or both, remember that not every short is appropriate for certain occasions.

There are various athletic shorts that are appropriate for different sporting activities. For instance, a running short will be different from volleyball shorts. In addition, there are various shorts which should be worn in the house while some can be worn as a dinner outfit.


  • Avoid wearing short shorts that match your top especially if they are patterned.
  • You can never go wrong with crisp white tailored short shorts.
  • Experiment with both bold and bright colored shorts
  • Pair an untucked black or white t-shirt with patterned shorts. Remember to enhance the look with pretty sandals and good quality shades


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