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At three wishes, we stock and sell different types of sexy clothes for women. You can purchase clothes that will accentuate your curves as well as transform the way you feel. Women like to look good, and classy clothes have been known to enhance their confidence and productivity. Let’s delve into this clothing topic and learn more about its history and well as understand some fashion rules.

Clothing History

Over the years, the clothing and fashion industry has gone through numerous transformations. Unlike in the past when women's clothing was determined by religious, social, economic drive, and political factors, the world has experienced modernization and individuals have changed their perception in regard to these factors.

A glimpse into the history of clothes and styles of the ancient times is interesting. We cannot deny the fact that certain outfits have been a representation of civilization. In the past, different countries were popular for different types of clothing materials. For instance; the Chinese were synonymous with not only silk production, but their love for the fabric. Cotton fabric was associated with the Egyptians outfits. Times have changed and people have embraced different clothing across borders.

The outfits you wear demonstrate your personality as well as your current mood. There are numerous sexy outfits for women to choose from in the market today. They include sophisticated dresses, to the casual chic pants, and the body suits. Shopping for sexy outfits has never been as fun as it is in this generation. Additionally, fashion enthusiasts out there go out of their way to invent different ways to rock various types of clothes. Simple dresses can be styled to give you an excellent and smart look.

Choosing Sexy Clothes

When you are choosing clothes, it is important to pick out an outfit that resonate with the event they are intended for, your mood, and personality. Remember, clothes can help you express how you feel. As more and more fabrics continue to enter the women's clothing industry, there have been major changes in pattern evolution, fashion production and consumption. Women's clothing trends have continued to change since the middle ages. Sexy club outfits for women in this age are more innovative and all inclusive, bearing in mind that women have different tastes in sexy outfits.

Every woman identifies with a different outfit style and fabric, with many of them preferring to wear clothes that accentuate their bodies. In the past centuries, women's clothes were not tailored to display the wearer’s natural body contours. Fabrics such as velvets and dark colored silks were a favorite among many women who wanted to showcase a classical European style. This style was popular especially because women could display various accessories such as jewelry and precious stones. These accessories were sown on the clothing to highlight it as well as to preserve the accessories.

Sexy Fashion Transformation

Fashion has transformed from the linen and cotton fabrics that were worn in the yesteryears. New fabric is fast hitting the market and women like to experiment with different types of fabric. Three wishes stocks different types of fabric ranging from lacy materials, shiny plain fabric, polka dotted, animal print, striped, and flowered fabrics. We have also seen a huge transformation in sleeve styles that range from one arm dresses, sleeveless clothes, halter necks, and low neck clothes. Regardless of your taste, our online resource has numerous sexy outfits to choose from.

Some time back, long sleeved clothes were the in thing. While some women still love long sleeved dresses and tops, many prefer short sleeved clothes especially those who live in hot areas. Some long sleeved tops that you can find in any rave clothing store are specially designed to fit your preference. They have designers who go out of the way to research and understand the current trends in the market.

How To Select Sexy Clothes Appropriately

Shopping for sexy clothes for women can be confusing and hard. Many times women are spoiled for choice especially when they visit stores with various sizes, styles, brands, colors, and cuts. However, understanding the sexy outfits that look good on your body type makes choosing clothes much easier. How then do you choose good sexy clothes?

  • Think about your best features that you want to highlight. Different clothes can make some of your bodily features more or less noticeable as illustrated below.


  • Tailored designs. Opt for tailored sexy outfit designs if you want to highlight multiple parts of your body. For instance; shoulder pads shape and widen your shoulders while a boxy outfit adds bulk to the upper side of your body. If you want your legs to appear thicker, buy pleated trousers.


  • You can choose different hemlines depending on what your want to achieve. A straight skirt gives the bottom side of your body a wider look while A-line skirts will accentuate your curves. Choose a sexy tapered skirt if you do not intend to accentuate the lower part of your body.


  • Various patterns. Horizontal lines make the particular area they are worn on appear wider, while vertical lines will make it appear thinner. Wear bright colored patterns on any sexy part of your body that you want to emphasize.


  • There are many waistline designs to choose from. Low waists are commonly used for pants. These define your waist while making your body curvier. On the other hand, empire waists help you highlight your bust. While tight fits will highlight your body, baggy clothes camouflage the definition.


  • Choose well fitting clothes. Remember, outfits with a poor fit may not look good on you especially if they are designed in a flattering style. Well fitting sexy leggings are comfortable both to wear and to walk in. They are neither sloppy nor baggy.


  • Remember to hem your pants according to your height. A low hem makes you appear shorter. If you are on a weight loss journey, do not purchase clothes before achieving your goals.


  • Beware of your measurements before buying or having your clothes tailored. Opt to carry a tape measure every time you plan to buy sexy short shorts off the rack. This will help you buy the correct size.


  • Ensure to check how your cloth looks on you from behind. This is important especially if you are looking for flattering sexy clothes. Many people judge a sexy outfit by how it looks from the front which should not be the case. A dress or a suit may look good on the front side but quite unappealing from the behind.


  • A good method of doing so is by using two mirrors at the dressing room and scrutinizing your sexy outfit from all sides. In cases where only one mirror is available, you can use your phone’s front camera by holding it in front of you while your back side faces the mirror.


  • Women's fashion trends may be irresistible, but try to avoid them. This is because many times such clothes may not flatter your body accordingly. Instead, you can try to devise your own sexy style and integrate it with appropriate trends. For instance, avoid the baggy suit or pants trend if you are skinny. On the other hand, a bulky scarf and sexy tops for women will look good on you if your body is pear shaped.


What Sexy Outfits To Avoid Depending On Your Body Type

Not everyone understands women's clothing fashion or what to wear for different occasions. However, many people understand what may or may not look good on their body types. Knowing which sexy clothes to avoid plays a huge role in enabling you to feel good about your outfits. Here are some tips for buying sexy clothes for women.

If you have an apple shaped body figure, it means that your upper side of the body is larger than the bottom side. Do not wear oversized clothes as these make your hips as big as your bust.

Do not wear clothes with ruffles around your neck, wide lapels, or plunging necklines as these divert attention towards your bust. Again, avoid outfits fitted with shoulder pads.

Avoid empire cuts as well, as they are not meant to be worn by women with large busts. Do not choose tapering or tight pants. A sexy outfit with below the waist highlights will work better for your body shape. Try to wear dark colored clothes on your upper side, cargo pants, and clothes with pleat details.

If the whole of your body is wide and you have fewer curves, do not wear sexy clothes with bold or large print detail. Go slow with the contrasting colors and avoid large pocketed pants. Opt for long jackets and shirts, and tapered sleeves at the wrist. Choose monochromatic colors to complement your body shape.

Pear shaped women have large hips and a narrow bust. Do not wear hip ending tops. Again, sexy short skirts will not do you justice, since they will draw all the attention towards your hips. Opt for light colors on your upper side of the body and dark colors for your bottom side. Other accessories that can complement your body shape include; necklaces, scarves, and wide necked outfits.

For the narrow framed women, do not wear accessories which emphasize on the waist area such as; straight jackets, belts, and colored accessories around the waist. Avoid clothes with vertical lines and choose contrasting colors, low waist pants, horizontal stripes, and empire cuts. These will highlight both the upper and lower side of your body.

You can get a collection of sexy clothes for women from three wishes. Check out our page for some of the classiest sexy outfit pieces like dresses, rompers, jackets, and skirts of all time. They come in different sizes and you can filter your size from the available options on the right side of the page. You can also filter the sexy outfits for women according to the brand. These options are located right below the size options. We assure you that all our sexy clothes are of good quality and durable regardless of the brand.



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