Sexy Boots

Sexy boots is a trend that is fast gaining popularity among the women folk. You will agree with us that a nice pair of boots can transform an outfit almost instantly. Sexy boots come in various designs and types. These include; ankle boots, knee length boots, thigh high boots, and tie up boots   In addition, there are numerous brands of sexy boots and all of them strive to provide comfort, style, and class, while maintaining good quality, and ensuring that you can purchase them at a reasonable price.

At three wishes, we have various types of boots. Whether you are looking for an elegant casual yet stylish look, or an official and chic style, you will find them in our online shop. Our sexy boots are made of different materials and designs to suit your preference. You will definitely find a pair that you like.

Understanding Sexy boots

Almost every woman’s closet has a pair of sexy high heels. Rocking boots can give you a complete makeover. They are the ultimate definition of sophistication and can be worn anytime of the year as they never run out of fashion. This explains why every woman should have a pair of good quality boots in their wardrobes. While many women prefer pairing them with skinny jeans and skirts, they can be worn with dresses too. Below are different ways of rocking your sexy boots.

Pair Them With A Winter Dress

Sexy boots are specifically ideal for the winter season because they cuddle your legs and keep you warm. Understanding how to pair them with a fashionable winter dress will give you a chic look. You can never go wrong with a knee length woolen dress. It complements the sexy boots so perfectly and what’s more, you can wear a matching pair of leggings for extra warmth. Additionally, you can choose to accessorize this look with a woolen shawl and leave it loosely hanging over your shoulders to display your waist.

With Formal Dresses

When it comes to formal clothing, there are some restrictions you should conform to. Still, these leave some room to experiment and be creative in your choice of dressing. You can easily pair your official dress with a pair of sexy boots. Choose a knee length bold colored dress, and pair the same with a complementing pair of boots. Where possible, choose knee length boots. Rocking this look will draw attention towards you, and you will look and feel classic.

With Summer Dresses

Summer is a fun and exciting season when every woman loves to experiment with different summer dress designs. There are numerous outdoor activities that come with summer and what a better way of participating in the same than rocking chiffon and floral print dresses? Basic knee length linen dresses and frilly frocks also fall under summer must have dresses. You can pair these with a nice pair of sexy crochet boots. Experiment with different bright colored boots as well.

Knee high Boots

Knee high boots are also known as tall boots. These are elegant, attractive, and classic. However, this depends on how well you wear them. Wearing them correctly makes you stand out. Knee length boots come in different types such as; riding boots, cowboy boots, and clubbing boots.

Each type gives you a different appearance depending on what you choose to pair them with. For instance, snug and slim boots give your legs a longer appearance when paired with loose tops and skinny jeans or leggings.

Knee length boots can be the center of attention especially because they are particularly tall. If you want to flaunt your legs or draw attention towards them, pair them with a cute short denim skirt. You can also achieve the same effect by pairing them with a pair of skinny pants.

If you do not fancy pants, you can wear them under a maxi skirt. However, you will not achieve the aforementioned effect. If you find your boots too sexy, you can overlay them with your dress or skirt. Choose plain colors to tone down their sophistication.

Reveal the boot’s height by tucking your legs in them

If you are wearing skinny jeans or pants and want to show the height of your boots, wear them on top of your pants. This style makes your legs appear longer and slimmer. However, do not tuck in flared or loose pants as you may not achieve a smooth finish. If you want to rock your wide legged pants in boots wear them under the pants.

Pair Them With Tights Or Leggings

Opaque leggings and tights work well with thigh high sexy boots. These will not only make you feel warmer during cold weather, they leave your legs looking shapely and slim. Pair a bold colored pair of tights or leggings with a funky pair of sexy boots. You can choose a knee or calf length pair for an elegant finish.

Pair prints or bright colored tights with bold colored tall boots. Choose either brown or black colors in order to balance attention between your boots, tights, and legs.

Sexy Boots With A Miniskirt

The skirt colors you choose will depend on what you are seeking to achieve. Choose bold colors such as grey, brown, or black for a more laid back look, or go for hot and neon colors for a fun appearance. Pairing sexy boots with a miniskirt enables you to show some leg without appearing scantily dressed.

Choose leggings or tights to go with your sexy boots if you want to appear fashionable and classy. In addition, this look is ideal for the cold weather. Do not choose a really short skirt for the office. If you work in a professional office, then a knee length skirt would be more appropriate.

Are you looking for an outfit to rock with your sexy boots on a date night? A pair of nice tights or leggings worn under a short skirt will not only give you a daring and elegant look, they will keep you warm.

Rock Knee high Boots For A Glammed Up Look

Wearing knee high textured boots in bright colors will draw all the attention towards your boots. This look is ideal for a hot afternoon out. Remember, people have different tastes when it comes to sexy shoes for women. This explains why some women will be comfortable wearing studded sexy boots, while others will choose plain bold colored boots. Whatever works for you, you can be sure to get good bargains from our online retailer.


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