Christmas Lingerie

Christmas is the season to make merry, have fun, and display your fashion sense in elegant, stylish, and fashionable outfits. Women especially like to show their great sense of fashion and good taste for fine attire. However, choosing the perfect undergarment plays an important role in determining the final appearance of your outfit. If you want your final look to be smooth and free from any ugly lines, you need to be careful when choosing your foundation garment.

There are numerous undergarments to suit your style at three wishes. You can choose between corsets, robes, costumes, chemises, bustier sets, and sexy teddies. The garments in our collection come in various fabrics, colors, designs, and styles. Regardless of what you choose, it should make you feel comfortable, stylish, and sexy. Below is a collection of sexy Christmas attire every woman should own.


In the earlier years, chemises were simple smocks or shirts worn underneath clothes. Their main role was to prevent body oils or sweat from staining the outer clothes. The chemise has evolved along the years, and today women have some pieces in their lingerie drawer. These can either be worn as sleepwear or under official clothes. They come in different fabrics which are considered comfortable to wear. They include; satin, silk, and cotton.

Chemises are sexy lingerie which quite popular among women who are passionate about fine and sexy lingerie. Basically, chemises are also known as slips in today’s lingerie fashion industry. So popular have they become such that you can easily find designer branded chemises. They are light and come in a variety of colors. Designers are transforming the chemise into a fine work of innovation. They have diversified on the fabric to include crushed velvet, silk, mesh, and lace.

Women have a wide variety of good quality chemises to choose from. Crushed velvet chemises are classic and sexy. They come with extra flair and a soft texture. Satin and silk chemises are both sensual and soft and some designers are combining them with different materials and details such as mesh, lace, sequins, and embroidery.

Chemise styles keep on changing every so often and women can find any style that flatters their bodies accordingly. Chemises are considered an essential garment in every woman’s closet, and you can choose an appropriate chemise for an intimate Valentine’s Day lingerie night.


Beautiful and sexy robes are a must have in every woman’s lingerie drawer. There is a beautiful feeling you get from the soft nature of silk and the sensual look of mesh or lace robes. These garments are both decorative and practical and define modesty in a special way. You can wear a robe over your sexy undergarments as you prepare for work or an evening out.

You can wear them within the confines of your home, over a cup of coffee or a good book. Good robes do not come at a cheap price. Therefore, when choosing a robe, you want to go for a good quality and durable garment. Women of all shapes, heights, and sizes can wear robes, which makes them some of the most unique pieces in the lingerie industry.

Understanding Robes

Robes and gowns have been in existence since the early 1900s. During those ancient times, robes were more ornamental, and along the years, various movie stars popularized the robe more. Today, robes come in different styles and with varying detail. Christmas robes particularly are super cozy and soft and you can wear pasties under them.

They come in red colors complete with white detail. You can find the Christmas red cap with white detail from our Christmas collection. A good robe should be simple yet sexy, soft yet light enough for you, and most importantly, it should make you feel comfortable both during the hot and cold weather. There are different types of robes which include;

Sheer or Lace Robes

You can choose these robes if you want to bring out your seductive and attractive nature. Choose a piece with both lace and sheer material for added comfort and confidence. Since these can be quite translucent, you can only wear them within the confines of your room. Still you can layer them with pajamas or a chemise.

Silk Robes

Silk is natural, and comes with excellent insulation features. It can maintain coolness during summer and offer you warmth during winter. Silk can either be opaque or translucent and comes with varying weights. It has a good appearance especially during the night since it reflects light and drapes quite well. Silk is an appropriate fabric for robes. However, cleaning it requires lots of patience. You should dry clean silk robes in order to keep them looking natural and in good shape for a long period.


Almost every woman owns a pair of leggings. These come in different materials, and the current trend is leather and metallic. You can choose between faux and real leather. Many leggings in the market today are made of faux leather but this does not minimize their functionality.

Faux leather leggings are cheaper than real leather ones and are easy to manage. For instance, you can easily wash faux leather in the washing machine, while this may be difficult for real leather. Many of faux leather leggings are made of elastic fabric such as spandex.

When choosing leather leggings, consider what you are looking for. Do you want a glossy or a matte finish? Glossy leggings are shiny and tend to attract more attention. These are also known as liquid leggings. Choose these if you do not mind the attention.

Matte leggings are delicate, cool, and versatile. You can wear them differently with a wide variety of outfits.

Choose your colors carefully. Remember, you can easily find brown and black leggings. If you want to try something more pronounced or dramatic, you can choose hot colors such as red and pink. Find appropriate and classic outfits to pair with your leggings for utmost comfort.

A Good Quality Matching Lingerie Set

Many women find a matching lingerie set fascinating and sexy. They make them feel amazing, sophisticated, classic, and elegant. Many women all over the globe are fast embracing this trend, and especially those with a fine sense of fashion. If you decide to go for this look, consider; the color. You can narrow down your collection to three of your favorite colors. This way you will easily find your ideal match. Always, hand wash your lingerie to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.


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