StoryBook Costumes

You'll be the belle of the ball in one of our sexy story book costumes, although you may want to stay home to play. Enjoy role playing in bedroom dressed up as Lil Red or or the Fairest of Them All, or be a little bad as the Evil Queen for Halloween.

Sexy story book costumes to thicken the plot, reveal sensual character traits and ignite an erotic climax. Bring your sexy story book dreams to life with these creative fantasy lingerie costumes. Naughty or nice? Why not both? Make sexy fantasy dreams come true.

Perfect for parties, conventions, and at home sexy story book romantic evenings. Create a wild adventure in one of our sexy animal themed costumes like the Sexy Lil Wolf, the Courageous Lioness or the fabulous Sexy Unicorn.

Keep things sexy and simple with Sexy Goldilocks, Adorable Alice, sweet Miss Muffet, or the Wizard of Oz inspired No Place Like Home.

Feeling more extravagant? Choose the elaborate and detailed Enchanting Queen Of Hearts, the elegant and sensual Wolf Tease, the Sexy Tea Party , the outrageous Tea Party Tease, or the powerful Queen of Dragons Costume.

And if you're in the mood to cast a story book fantasy love spell, consider the magical charms of Pixie Dust, Sexy Tink, or the beautiful Blue Fairy costume.

Explore your deepest, darkest story book desires with the sexy Evil Queen, the extraordinary Fire Breather, or the Wicked Wonderland Queen.

Our sexy story book costumes are ideal for Halloween, but why not celebrate sensual intrigue every evening and make holiday magic happen all year long? Our sexy adult costumes are of the highest quality with exquisite detailing and coordinating accessories for a complete fantasy ensemble.

Close your eyes, make a wish and become a story book star! We have the perfect sexy story book costume to transform your every day world into a happily ever after fantasy!


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