Cowgirl & Indian Costumes

No matter which side of the playing field you prefer, these Cowgirl & Indian Costumes take your evenings at home or out on the town to a new, sexy level. Whether you are into soft leather skirts and moccasins or flirty denim shorts and boots, these outfits are sure to show off your playful, sultry side.

Unleash you inner sexy self by dressing in a Cowgirl & Indian costume! Fulfill your Wild West fantasy and embrace life with confidence in gorgeous Cowgirl & Indian Costume. Our selection incorporates the hottest Cowgirl & sexy Indian Costumes available. From female sheriff costumes to cowgirl dress costumes to Indian and native princess and Indian Maiden Costumes, we have your wild west fantasy costume covered. Shop for the finest quality Cowgirl & Indian costumes at an affordable price from
Whether you are into flirty denim shorts and trendy boots or soft leather skirts and moccasins, our Cowgirl & Indian Costumes are sure to show off your sultry and playful side, and round up at the rodeo. Our cowgirl costumes allow you to flaunt your uniqueness in a styled manner. Present yourself in a creative and attractive way, gather everyone's attention when you step out in a sexy Cowgirl & Indian Costume from 3wishes.

You can wear a Cowgirl & Indian costume to a Wild West themed party, Halloween, or to a special evening out on the town or at home. It does not matter the side of the playing field you prefer, a Cowgirl & Indian Costume will undoubtedly take your evenings to a new sexy level. We have a great selection catering for both those who are more adventurous and those that desire a costume with a longer length. Rope them and go wild with a sexy Cherokee Warrior or a Ride Em Cowgirl Costume. Fulfil your dreams of innocent-looking sexy beauty, by wearing a charming Indian Maiden costume.

Why not create a fantastic look in your bedroom, party or special evening with a cute Cowgirl & Indian Costume from 3 wishes? Choose the Indian girl costume and look like one of the beautiful Indian girls from our selection. You will look unique in a native colored Cowgirl & Indian costumes with frills and fringes and a trace of burrs and trail dust. Shop for a fabulous cowgirl costume from our great selection. Whether you are looking for a rhinestone cowgirl look or a version of Jessie the Cowgirl, we have a perfect costume to suit your dream look.


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