Plus Costumes

For the plus size divas at heart, we have plenty of plus size costumes for any occasion. Browse through a plus costume collection that includes sexy plus size costumes for the bedroom and sexy plus costumes for the next big costume party you're headed to!

Whatever your fantasy has any plus size costume you can imagine. How about a Playboy bunny? We have the Classy Bunny Plus, the classic Playboy bunny costume that is a throwback to the days of the Playboy club and mansion. It comes with a bunny earpiece, collar bowtie and cuffs.

Another classic look is the french maid, and we have you covered with the French Flirt Plus. This plus sized costume has a unique twist to the french maid costume; it's black fishnet sheer material and white lace with peek-a-boo back. There's also the Sheer Maid Plus, a mesh apron halter dress with very short skirt and g-string. has so many unique and fun plus size options; the Vinyl Nurse Plus, the On the Hunt Plus, which is a sexy safari costume, the Serving Wench Plus, the Miss Mafiosa Plus and the Smooth Criminal Plus. We also have fairy tale plus size costumes, like the Wicked Queen Plus, the Enchanting Princess Plus and the Miss Mouse Plus! And for you vampire fans out there, we wouldn't forget you...the Twilight Mistress Plus in black and red brocade with high collar and mermaid tail is divine for all of your night hunting.

Whatever you can imagine, you can be, in any of the unique and fun plus sized costumes that can be found at