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The camisole is also known as a cami. Many women have various pieces of the cami in their closets, as it is a versatile cloth that can be worn for various occasions, in many different ways. Camisoles are made from different fabrics and come in flattering and simple design complete with simple straps. Women can rock them regardless of their size of shape.   

Understanding The Camisole

Camisoles have been in existence since the latter years of 19th century. Women often used them as foundation garments, and the fabric varied from cotton, linen, and silk. Back then, women would wear them as protective pieces under their dresses and corsets. Today however, the camisole is no longer worn as foundation garment.

The cami can be worn in various ways which include; as an additional layer and standard piece of an outfit, underneath business suits,(this however depends on its design and fabric), and as an undergarment. If chosen well, a camisole can transform a bold corporate suit into a vibrant and modest outfit. Women living in warm climate regions are likely to own numerous camisoles. This cloth is also popular during summer.


Many camisole designs comprise of four patterns. They often come in bright colors and have two straps, some of which are adjustable. Some camisoles come with sliders and bow ties, and designers have diversified to include different fabrics such as polyester, jersey, and satin. Camisoles can either be short or long, and may have a snug cut. If you are looking for camisoles, you can check out our sexy collection at three wishes. We are an online retailer shop with numerous camisole designs to choose from. They come in varying colors and print detail.


The popularity of the camisole is growing among women of different ages. It is, however, important to understand that there are rules that should be observed when rocking camisoles. One of the most important rules is that; many people do not consider them suitable office wear, especially when worn by themselves. In addition, you may want to avoid them if you are planning to attend a religious gathering. 

If your cami is made of an elaborate fabric complete with ornamental detail, you may want to rock it on a fun evening out. Many people struggle with understanding how to appropriately wear a camisole. Consider it as a casual outfit, but still, you can do your research if you plan to wear it any other way. That way, you will feel more comfortable in your outfit and avoid wardrobe malfunction.

How To Wear A Camisole

To achieve a feminine touch, wear your silk camisole underneath a cardigan or blazer. You can rock this look to the office as well.

While some camisoles come with inbuilt bras & panties, you can still achieve more support and coverage by wearing a smooth cupped bra under your camisole.

For a stylish casual look, pair your wide legged or boyfriend jeans with a lace trimmed camisole. You can wear the camisole by itself, or you can add minimal accessories to enhance your final look.

You can transform your ladylike skirt into a combination of a sexy and chic look by tucking in your camisole.

While camisoles come in different designs, floaty ones are said to be more flattering than body hugging ones.

For a casual yet fashionable look, pair your lingerie with a robe design jacket or a kimono. Wear fitting jeans to complete the look.

Some camisoles especially the boxy cut ones can be worn alone comfortably. They are designed to slouch at the right areas.

Camisoles can be worn dressy or even casual depending on your anticipated final look.

Choose lace or satin camis for a dressy look, and soft linen camisoles for a more casual and relaxed look. Add a touch of elegance to the former look by wearing beautiful shoes and earrings. You can rock this look at a fun and exciting evening out. Throw in some sandals to the latter look and rock this on a summer afternoon out.

If you are not afraid of trying sexy lingerie in monochromatic colors, you can choose a white camisole to go with an off white pencil skirt. This look is appropriate for church. However, if you cannot wear the camisole alone you can choose to accessorize with a nice shawl or a feminine jacket.

Many employees dress in casual wear on Friday’s. Experiment with a camisole, and pair the same with a nice pair of jeans or white pants. Complete this look with a trench coat which can be any of your favorite colors. This look gives you an elegant yet fashionable appearance.

What To Avoid

There are certain practices which you should avoid when choosing what to wear with camisoles. These include;

Avoid wearing tight fitting jeans or pants with tight fitting camisoles. A tight camisole will look better when layered under a cardigan or jacket. You can also choose to tuck it in your A line skirt.

Avoid extremely skimpy camisoles especially if you have a big bust. Choose presentable tank tops or lace trims complete with thick straps. The cami should be straight along your neckline. This will give you a more conservative yet stylish look.

Avoid showing your camisole especially if you are layering more than one cami under your cardigan or shirt. This gives you a youthful and clumsy appearance.

Camisoles are made of delicate fabric just like sleepwear. Do not wash them in the washing machine. In order to maintain the shape, color, and fit of your camisole, dry cleaning is recommended. However, this is only recommended for some fabrics such as crepe and silk.

Always Remember

Loose fitting camisoles especially those made of silk can make a statement especially when worn for a fun afternoon or evening dates. You can tuck these in your skirts or pair them with pretty jeans.

Fitting camisoles such as those made of cotton fabric can look chic when worn under a sweatshirt or a cardigan. The cardigan gives you a slimming effect and extra coverage.

Choose beautiful accessories for your neckline such as a choker or fine necklaces. 


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