Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

When it comes to weddings, many brides concentrate more on the gown and forget the bridal lingerie which is equally important. Bridal accessories are as important as the gown. This is why we have an entire page at three wishes complete with a wide variety of sexy bridal accessories to choose from. These include; garter belts, gloves, garters, bridal stockings, and g-strings.

We understand that the wedding preparation can be difficult. Having all these accessories under one roof enables you to easily compare and choose the pieces that suit your style. Many of the sexy lingerie and accessories within our collection come in bright colors such as white, baby pink, and light blue. However, if black is your color of preference you can find some elegant pieces. If you are looking for the perfect bridal lingerie, then three wishes is the place to visit.

Considerations To Make Before Choosing Bridal Accessories

Of course you want to look glamorous, feel confident and sexy on your special day. Do not leave anything to chance. Go out of your way to make the day both enjoyable and memorable. There is no better way to do it than choose the best bridal accessories. Below are various factors to consider.

Understand Your Body Shape

Know your body shape and find something that not only fits well but flatters your body. Camisoles tops are good for flattering your body. You may want to enroll in the gym to get fit for your wedding. If that is so, your body size is likely to reduce. Do not buy your accessories way too early before the wedding ceremony to avoid getting the wrong size.

Find Your Wedding Dress First

Your wedding dress should be your guiding principle when it comes to choosing bridal lingerie. You want something that feels comfortable under your gown and does not show. The sleeve styles and neckline in your gown will determine the kind of bra you choose. Many gowns come with sophisticated necklines which makes pairing them with a standard bra an arduous task.

Choose a bra & panty sets that resonates well with the neckline in your gown. If your gown is sleeveless, you may want to go for a bandeau or strapless bra. A bandeau bra gives you extra support even though it may give a flattening effect on your chest. On the other hand, a strapless bra gives you limited support. If you have a smaller bust, choosing cupped bras is the best option as these will give you standard coverage and volume. They may not be the perfect choice for women with big busts since they lack adequate support. If your wedding gown is open at the back, choose backless bras that hook around the waist.

Aim At Achieving A Smooth Silhouette

Achieving a smooth silhouette should be your utmost priority. Your do not want any ugly lines showing on your special day. Choose seamless underwear and ensure they fit well, and are comfortable to wear with your gown. Choose your colors carefully too, especially if your gown is made of a light material. Remember, this is not the ideal time to experiment with colors. If your gown is white, go for nude colored underwear. Avoid stark white undergarments on a white gown. We can never emphasize the importance of keeping your underwear out of sight. 

Ensure It Fits Well

The last thing you want to do on your wedding is compromise your comfort. Remember the wedding ceremony takes place for the better part of the day. Therefore, you should find something you will enjoy wearing throughout the ceremony.  Ill fitting lingerie can be very uncomfortable. Many times you may know your size only to end up buying the wrong size, especially if you are choosing from different brands.

You can avoid this by having your measurements taken prior to purchasing. This way you will be sure to find lingerie that fits perfectly. As you pick your lingerie, consider the activities you will participate in such as walking around, dancing, and sitting down. This should guide you into choosing the ideal pieces.

Understanding Bridal Accessories

There are numerous bridal accessories and <

Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves add a touch of finesse, sophistication, and elegance to a wedding gown. You should be skillful enough to pick and wear the correct pair appropriately. There are different types of bridal gloves that come in varying fabrics and lengths. The fabric should be in sync with your wedding gown and can be made of silk, lace, or satin. When it comes to length, you can choose wrist gloves, elbow gloves, or opera gloves.

The best way to wear gloves with your dress is by matching them with the length of your sleeves. If your gown is sleeveless, choose gloves with a classic or shorter length. You may not need gloves if your sleeves are longer. If you have to wear gloves, choose wrist length ones. Opera gloves can give you a bold and dressy look. If you have a simple gown, you can choose them to accentuate it.


A bridal garter is an essential garment that is worn underneath the wedding gown. The main role of this garment is to keep stockings in place and can be worn on any leg. Ensure that you do not wear your garter too low or too high. The ideal position is slightly above the knee. Still you can wear it on various positions to identify which one feels more comfortable.

Bridal garters are available in different styles. You may want a fancy and sexy one made of lace and gorgeous ribbons, or you can choose a simple white one.

Bridal Stockings

Stockings give your legs a smooth finish and enhance your confidence. You can choose white or nude stockings depending on your preference. If you want to achieve a sheer and shiny look select stockings with a low denier. Stockings are both practical and sexy and have been in existence since the olden days.

They allow more ventilation and this can be good if you are wearing them during warm weather. Choose the correct fit for added comfort. Remember you will be wearing them for the entire day and the least you want is to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Wear stockings with a higher denier during winter to keep warm. 


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