Thongs & G-strings

Going the Thong and G-string Way

If you are looking for something comfortable to wear and you are trying to avoid panty line then thongs and G-strings are the best options. Finding the right G-string or thong to wear depends on how well you choose the style ad fabric that is best suited for your occasion.

For those in the dark, a thong or G-string is a type of undergarment whose panty front features a strip of fabric that is a half or one inch. A similar size of material also sits at the backside of the attire between the buttocks. This type of underwear gained popularity during the early 21st century.

Understanding your G-string

If you are a newbie to the G-string world, chances are that you have already been exposed to some degree of information, some of which is true while some not so much. Lucky for you, at Three Wishes we take our clients very seriously with one goal in mind, giving you our best.

If you have chosen to go the G-string way, then you need to understand what wearing one feels like. Most people who have never worn a G-string have one major concern which is discomfort. Even though the idea of having fabric sliding up your buttocks sounds more of a bad wedgie than fashion, ardent G-string wearers will tell you that the primary discomfort goes away almost immediately.

G-strings are considered to be among the most comfortable styles of underwear since they have very little fabric to become saggy, loose, bunched up or give you discomfort in any way. However, keep in mind that G-strings are not comfortable for every woman and may take a bit of time getting used to wearing one. Therefore, if you do not like the feeling of wearing a G-string, don’t be too quick to give up. It is typical of first-timersto dislike the feeling of wearing a G-string but after trying them on few occasions you will come to appreciate them.

First and foremost, not all undergarments are designed alike, they come in a plethora of patterns, shapes, colors and fabrics. Since cotton panties are the most breathable, most people recommend you buy G-strings made out of this fabric. Other common options include satin, lace and silk. Since lace is quite forgiving in appearance and very stretchy, G-strings made out of this fabric work perfectly in minimizing a ‘muffin top’ over your undergarment’s elastic. However, if you want to feel sexy and spice up things in the bedroom then sating and silk G-strings are the best options.

How to wear a G-string properly

Most underwear, despite their thin material still show the outline of the hem when worn under tight bottoms. A remedy to this situation is the G-string. Wearing a high-waisted G-string will help to prevent panty lines from showing on your hips. This comes in handy when you are wearing a tight dress.

When you squat, bend over, sit down or go about your normal activity, ensure that your G-string does not rise above your belt line. You can text the visibility of your thong by trying all these positions in front of a mirror. If your G-string keeps popping above your belt line, then it might be time to try out a different model or size. Also avoid wearing low-rise jeans and always wear a belt. Similarly, you can cover up the area where your undergarment is showing by wearing a long shirt.

To avoid indecent exposure in public, always check if your G-string is showing by reaching out your back as you sit down. If your inner attire is exposed, tuck it back in quickly and pull down your top to cover up that area.

Ensure that you change your G-string on a daily basis to avoid getting a bacterial infection. Since your G-string touches both the vulva and anus, bacteria tends to travel much faster especially if your undergarment keeps shifting.

What we have in store

Even though underwear is usually hidden from the world, we understand how important it is to find the right fit and design. This is because a choice of undergarment can say a lot about someone plus having the right one on, can help boost your confidence and make your personality shine. Whether you prefer lingerie, boy shorts or G-strings one can deduce a lot based on your underwear preference.

If you're searching for the hottest G-strings and thongs, Three Wishes has it all. We have a selection of sexy G-strings and sexy thongs that include crotchless panties, micro thongs and G-strings, lace G-strings and thongs, tie side thongs, micro bikini thongs, and more!

For something feminine and frisky our Strappy Back Thong is the perfect piece. The front is a pretty sheer lace, while the back is a strappy web with a small bow detail. It comes in cool colors like black, lilac and spearmint. The Big Bow Thong is like wrapping yourself up as a gift, with a sheer ruffle and a big bow at the back.

For you G-string wearing gals we have many options. The Cindy G String is a barely there G-string that looks great with underwear and creates no lines, perfect for everyday wear! There's also the low cut Micro G-String with a t-back. This style comes in many colors like neutral white, ivory and black, but also bright colors like orange, purple and lime green.

When you feel particularly naughty choose from any of our bras & panties. The Butterfly Crotchless Panty is a pretty piece of sheer lace shaped like a butterfly, and embroidered with lace and pearls. When you show up in this sexy lingerie, the night is guaranteed to get hot! For that very special outfit or occasion, you'll need the Pearl String Crotchless Gartini, a two tone lace open front gartini. These polka dots, black and white panties are devilishly cute.

You know what you want and we guarantee we have it! Three Wishes has so many pretty sexy thongs and sexy G-strings to choose from, you're sure to find something you love here


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