Panties are the one item of clothing that every woman has and needs. Even those women who prefer boxers or going ‘au natural’ will need to wear panties once in a while. Not many people actually know that different kinds of underwear serve different purposes. A woman will need at least three types of panties in her wardrobe. For this reason, there has to be a good supply of beautiful sexy panties for women, and three wishes is precisely the place to find and shop for them.

Sexy lingerie is fun to wear, but thing about panties is that sometimes they do not feel comfortable enough, some ride up on you, some tend to trap moisture and others usually show on whatever clothes you happen to be wearing that day. One of the most embarrassing things in this world is going out with a gorgeous dress but having your underwear marks get seen because it is either too tight or too baggy.

There are several ways in which a person can avoid such embarrassing moments from happening to them and this can be done by finding the right size for instance or buying the right fabric. Below are some of the methods that you could use to identify the right panties the next time you go shopping.

  1. Measure your waist line

One of the main reasons why people find discomfort when shopping for panties is that they often do not fit right. When an underwear is saggy on the waist, it will force you to pull it up every so often, even in public. It will also cause a lot of discomfort while you are walking and it can even ride up on you a couple of times.

Measuring your waistline will ensure that you find one that actually fits you properly. If you do not know how to go about it then you could ask someone like an attendant to help you to do it. Finding your waistline is not hard, but in case you do not know how to locate it, then try bending sideways. This will cause a little crease on your side and that right there is where your waist line is.

Once you have measured your waist line, you will be able to know for sure what size of panties will best fit you and therefore to buy. If the size of the waist band is not indicated on the underwear, then you can always measure it as well, so as to compare it you your own waist size.

  1. Pick the right fabric.

Fabric has a lot to do with how well an underwear will sit on you, but other than that it will determine how comfortable you will feel having it on, whether it looks good on you or not. Cotton fabrics are the most recommended when it comes to panties, especially for the ladies. This is because the cotton does not allow moisture to get trapped on the skin but it soaks it in instead, leaving the skin dry. This means that any discharge or sweat can be kept at bay. This will in turn help you to avoid rashes or yeast infections.

However, just because the cotton panties feel good on the skin doesn’t mean that they are the only pair that you should own. In the contrary, though cotton is the best for comfort, panties made of elastic like lace, spandex or linen are the best for a smooth look. These types often come without a seam line, so they won’t end up showing on something like a tight dress or leggings. Even though they will look good on you, they will feel very uncomfortable without a cotton lining at the crotch. Therefore, you have to remember to check for it before making your purchase.

  1. Have a purpose for your underwear in mind.

This is a very important point that many people often overlook, only to realize that they do not own a certain type of underwear when they need it. For instance, normal everyday underwear cannot be used for swimming, depending on the kind that you put on. And sometimes, you just need a bras & panties, but it is nowhere in your wardrobe because you never thought of buying them in the first place.

High waist underwear cannot be worn on a daily basis, but they actually do come in handy when you feel like you need some tightness around your stomach if it looks a little big. High waist underwear is also very comfortable for people who have a large back side, as they will not go down whenever they bend.

Thongs & G-strings are the sexiest panties to wear.They also happen to be very comfortable and look good on everyone, even though there are some people who just cannot stand to wear them. However, these type of panties are the best to wear when you have on something tight or revealing, and if you are trying to show off to someone else. However, it goes without saying that they cannot be worn during a person’s period. They can be quite messy and uncomfortable, so you will need a pair of granny panties for that purpose.

It is advisable to buy a pair of very inexpensive bras which can be easily washed just in case you get period stains on them. This way you have zero chances of ruining the good ones. Most of the time, period panties, as they are called, have to be really comfortable and have a big enough surface area for stuff like pads as well as panty liners.

And last but not least you cannot forget the swimming panties which have to be made of nylon material most of the time. Boy shorts are some of the most common for swimming, but it does not have to be used for swimming only. As long as they have a cotton lined crotch area, they can be worn on any other normal day, because they usually have a good fit around the waist area and they also do not move around much. In the end, whatever panty you decide to get, make sure that it at least looks good and fits you.


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