Boy Shorts

Why Every Woman Needs a Pair of Boyshorts

One of the first things most women do in the morning is put on a clean pair of panties. They are the backbone of any good wardrobe especially with bras that fit properly. In reality, underwear tends to play second fiddle to your bra & panty sets selection while they should have equal consideration. Despite the few times that you have gone commando, you always wear some sort of underwear more often than not. Since you wear underwear every day, it is only best that you get it right.

As far as underwear is concerned, boyshorts, crotchless lingerie, and panties, are among the modest options. They are modeled after men’s briefs but without a serious penis pocket or none at all. Boyshorts from Three Wishes are not only comfortable but can also serve the same purpose as a thong under your outfit depending on the fit and fabric. In addition, boyshorts have a covered-up silhouette that allows you to wear form-fitting outfits without showing the outline of your undies. But unlike the thong, boyshorts are super comfortable and can be worn under pantyline.

This type of sexy clothing especially comes in handy when you’re wearing a fluttery dress or skirt on a windy day, if you know what I mean. If you haven’t been paying attention, boyshorts have officially outpaced the G-string and thong to become the most popular specialty in the style of women underwear.

Why you should own a pair of boyshorts

When you're in the mood to just get comfy, why not slip into a pair of boy shorts? You can also choose sexy thongs. At three wishes, we have a selection of boy shorts that includes sexy boy shorts, lace boy shorts, low rise boy shorts, ruffly boy shorts, studded boy shorts, belted boy shorts, polka dot boy shorts, and sexy lingerie!

Boy shorts are the perfect piece to wear with a t-shirt, for yoga and stretching, for a sexy new look in the bedroom or simply as sleepwear. The Banded Lycra Short is a low rise with banded waist material, simple and perfect for every day wear. It comes in many different colors to fit your every mood like lime, orange, coral, hot pink and your basic nude, black and white sexy bra and panties.

Don’t say boyshorts can’t bring sexy back if you haven’t tried out the cute Playboy Rhinestone Boyshorts. Adorn these adorable under things and look sexy either under an ensemble or on their own. The Playboy Rhinestone Boyshorts are outfitted with a Playboy rabbit logo in rhinestones. Plus, you will love how wonderful they feel against your skin by giving you both sexiness and comfort.

For a walk on the wild side Three Wishes has got you covered. We have a wide variety of other sexy pieces such as bras & panties. Try boy shorts with edgier details; the Tory Shorts, which are a black stretchy material with metal grommets on the front. Even edgier are the Metallic Belted Shorts, short shorts in metallic silver or blue with a belted waist. These shorts are what happen when space travel and rock 'n' roll meet!

For that special night with your lover, you can take your sexy side back to the 1920s with the sweet and sultry pinstriped Gangster Love Crotchless Boy Shorts. They feature adorable gangster-inspired pinstripes with a satin bow trim, these naughty crotchless panties come complete with adjustable and removable garters with sassy matching stockings. Therefore, if you're craving a little role play for your next night or you just want to let your inner bad girl out to play, these crotchless panties are perfect for giving your partner the thrill of a lifetime.

If you like ruffles or lace we've got that too. The Ruffle Tanga Shorts are made with rows of ruffles, topped with a cute bow at the waistline. The Ribbon and Lace Boyshort is an open front, sheer lace number, available in hot pink, purple or black.

You can also add a little flirty fun to your sexy lingerie collection by adding the Camo Boyshorts. They are made out of a super-soft and curve hugging polyester and spandex blend that looks great and feels amazing against your skin while conforming to your curves. These panties offer full coverage and feature a medium rise perfect for everyday wear as well as intimate play.

Another advantage to boyshorts is that most will travel all the way around your ass and underneath it. Therefore you no longer have to suffer the assault of a thong all night when you want to wear your favorite tight jeans.

What boyshorts say about you

You can often tell one’s character or personality by what they wear and underwear is no exception. So the next time your lover takes off your panties they should have a clue of what type of a girl you are. According to survey, boyshorts indicate that you are a chill and cool girl. Women who wear this type of underwear try to look cute and at the same time show that sexy underwear doesn’t have to be all about that frilly mess. A boyshorts kind of girl is most likely to hang out with her boyfriend and watch a superhero movie or play video games and be good at it. She might also be into low-key nights and finds stress and drama nauseating. This type of girl might also like beer and only wears clothing that he finds comfortable. A boyshort kind of girl is a keeper!

However, boyshorts are for everyone and you should not let this perception hinder you from perusing through our gallery even if your personality doesn’t fit the profile. Modern boyshorts have been designed for both sexiness and comfort so don’t be fooled by what people say or your personal idea of what boyshorts look like.

Whether you prefer thicker fabrics for your boyshorts or you would rather wear them as pajamas and loungewear it’s okay. To each her own, plus we have everything for everyone. Boy shorts are so sexy and cute! Every style you want bra and panty sets, we have at Three Wishes; from edgy details to soft and ruffled we have it all and they come in different sizes and colors.


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