What can be more intimate and mysterious than the lingerie that a woman wears under her clothing? Whether you’re slipping on something sexy or lacy in anticipation of a romantic evening, you prefer the feeling of high-quality intimate apparel next to your skin, or you feel more confident wearing something beautiful and personal under your clothes, your lingerie is your secret to either keep to yourself or reveal to another. Lingerie is power, and there’s a look and style of lingerie to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Why Do We Find Lingerie Sexy?

For females, lingerie is the great equalizer. Lingerie accentuates our most attractive features and hides the tiny little imperfections that make each of us unique (but sometimes want to conceal just the same). Whether your lingerie is meant to be sexy, classy, revealing, or to serve some other secret purpose, it must look and feel fantastic on your body. And when you look great and you feel great about what you’re wearing, your sexiness flows from you.

For your partner or anyone else lucky enough to see you in your intimate lingerie, there are reasons that it’s enticing for them:

  • Lingerie is the halfway point between being fully clothed and nudity.

  • Good lingerie highlights your feminine assets.

  • The sexiness of lingerie has been ingrained in our psyche by movies, television, magazines, and advertisements.

  • Lingerie is a mystery revealed. (If and when you decide to reveal it, that is.)

When Less is More and When it’s Not

What could be more enticing than full nudity? The answer, of course, is very sexy lingerie. The goal of lingerie isn’t always to show the most skin. If the point was to be naked, we could all just dispense with the laces and bows and strip down to nothing. Your lingerie may have to serve double-duty and serve to keep your precious body parts from chafing as you spend a full day at the office or running errands. If that’s the case, crotchless or open-cup lingerie is not going to be a great option no matter how good you look in it.

With this in mind, your lingerie needs to:

  1. Fit well

  2. Look great

  3. Match your lifestyle

Of course, there are times when you can take the trouble to put on very delicate or particularly revealing lingerie, but it’s unrealistic to think that you’re going to be able to strip off your clothing and step out covered head-to-toe in erotic lingerie at any point in the day, like a superhero. Unless, of course, you’re in the habit of wearing superhero lingerie. That’s why you need options for work, play, and home.

How Important is Color?

Whether it’s a sports bra or a top-of-the-line lingerie corset, what you’re wearing should be pretty on you. Color is one of the most basic factors in personalizing your undergarment look, so it’s pretty significant. Most of us have a pretty good idea about what colors compliment us and which ones wash us out, so the rules that you’d use to buy a nice blouse or dress can also apply to lingerie, but keep in mind that certain colors are traditionally associated with seduction, domination, et cetera, and that can affect your choices.

Here are a few color coordination tips if you’re having a tough time deciding:

  • Choose matching or complementary colors to the outfit you’re wearing that day.

  • Contrast the color of your outfit, but be careful about dark lingerie under light-colored clothing.

  • Choose a color for the occasion. Red or pink Valentine’s Day lingerie is always a nice touch, and you can’t go wrong with white honeymoon lingerie.

  • If you find yourself sticking to the same color palette in your makeup and/or clothing, taking a few risks with your lingerie colors might encourage you to get a little bolder with your outward choices.

Of course, there are no rules about lingerie colors. You can choose a color simply because you like it. Believe us, no one is likely to complain.

What Does Your Lingerie Say About the Message Your Sending?

There’s been a number of articles written on this subject that aim to tell you what it means if you prefer expensive lingerie or cheap sexy lingerie, or whether you like to put on coquette lingerie vs. BDSM lingerie, and there’s definitely some merit to the psychology of lingerie choices. But what is the message that you want to send with your lingerie choice? That is, assuming that you decide that you want someone else to see your lingerie.

We’re going to make a few assumptions here. One is that your partner is into sexy girls in lingerie. It’s a pretty safe assumption because most people who appreciate women also appreciate women in sexy lingerie, right? The next assumption is that you’re wearing it, in part, to make an impression on another person. Otherwise, who cares what anyone but you thinks? FInally, and this is more of a disclaimer than an assumption, we’re not always right about these things, so if you feel strongly about your lingerie choice, just stick with it.

Power Plays

If you’re looking to let your partner know who’s in charge, here are a few of our secret weapons:

  • Cowgirl lingerie

  • Superhero lingerie

  • Leather lingerie

  • Black vinyl lingerie

  • Certain styles of classy lingerie

  • Fantasy lingerie based on powerful female characters

Powerful colors include black, red, dark green, and jewel tones.

Demure Lingerie Looks

Sometimes, you just want to look and feel like a lady in the traditional sense. We think that these styles make a softer, more welcoming impression:

  • Pink lipstick lingerie

  • Babydoll lingerie

  • Bow lingerie

  • Coquette lingerie

  • Classy lingerie

For a more demure female lingerie look, choose softer tones and colors, like pink, white, light blue, and pastels.

Revealing Lingerie

Adult lingerie is almost always sexy, but when you’re looking to show a little more, here are a few ideas:

  • Open-cup lingerie

  • Open-crotch lingerie

  • Lingerie corsets

  • See-through lingerie teddy

  • Bra and matching pantie sets

  • Garter belts and stockings

If you’re planning a full evening out, make sure that your inner and outer clothing are compatible for the venue. If not, you can always hide your sexy lingerie in a purse for bag to switch into at an opportune moment.

Hottest Trends in Lingerie

Hot girls in lingerie may be timelessly classic, but like everything else in fashion, certain favorites come in and out of fashion. Don’t worry if you bought your corset or teddy last year, though. Lingerie styles don’t change that quickly, and if you chose it correctly, all your partner is going to notice is a sexy girl in lingerie. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest trends that we’re seeing in adult lingerie:

  • Superhero Lingerie – Can anyone remember the last time there wasn’t a superhero movie playing in theaters? That megatrend has moved off of the big screen and into the bedroom.

  • Chemise Lingerie – This is an interesting trend that follows the “less (revealing) is more (sexy)” rule. Chemise has gotten very popular lately in the world of sexy women’s lingerie.

  • Plus-size Lingerie – If you have a few extra pounds, you may want to join the millions of plus-sized women who are celebrating their curves with sexy BBW lingerie. It’s always existed, but this niche is really taking off.

  • Sexy Lingerie Pics – This isn’t a type of lingerie, but it’s still one of the hottest trends. Everyone has a digital camera and there are plenty of people looking for photos of hot chicks in lingerie. If you have a little exhibitionist in you, maybe you’ve even partaken in this wildly popular trend. Just please be careful who you send them to.

Buy Inexpensive, High-Quality Lingerie Online

Have you ever gone to a department store or specialty shop and noticed that three-quarters of the “intimate apparel” department was dominated by practical, unflattering underwear, housecoats, and maternity wear? And if you are lucky enough to find something that you’d feel good in, you find out that they only carry one item in each size, and yours hadn’t been restocked.

There are several advantages to using a lingerie website like ours:

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  • Sizing charts ensure a perfect fit.

  • There are always great sales and discount lingerie options.

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