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Sexy Halloween Costumes

When you want to enjoy the hottest Halloween ever, you're in the right place. Offering the best in sexy Halloween costumes for this year's ghoulish party, 3 Wishes can help you find exactly what you need. Whether you have your heart set on being a sultry witch or a smoking hot devil, our selection offers it all.

Flaunt your assets at Halloween with a sexy costume from 3 wishes! Halloween is one of the festivals where people express their creative and innovative ideas through the fabulous costumes they wear. Every woman wants to be admired irrespective of the event she is attending, making sexy Halloween costumes a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. If you are looking to enjoy the hottest Halloween ever, then you are in the right place. 3wishes has the greatest selection of sexy Halloween costumes featuring fabulous designs for animal sexy, scary-sexy, role play sexy, and classic costumes. Shop sexy Halloween costumes at competitive prices.

Entice the Halloween crowd by wearing a unique costume guaranteed to give you a sparkling appearance that people will remember even after Halloween. Shop a fabulous collection of sexy Halloween costumes to make you sensuous and flirty. You can make the Halloween evening hot and sexier than ever before and get everyone's attention with one of our sexy costumes. Halloween is a perfect time to embrace your womanly attributes and show everyone that you are comfortable with the woman you are.

Offering the finest in sexy Halloween costumes for the ghoulish party this year, 3 Wishes has a perfect costume to suit your taste. All our sexy Halloween costumes are trendy and stylish. Whether you want to be a sultry witch, an angel, or a smoking hot devil, our incredible selection offers it all. Some sexy Halloween costumes are appropriate for wearing in private while others can be worn to parties. How you wear them depends on your personal choice, the weather, or the age of guests in the party.

Halloween allows you to dress up in your best costume and enhance your personality. Sexy costumes are designed to make people look prettier and sassy. They are super-hot, gorgeous and meant to attract! Shopping for Halloween costumes has never been easier and fun than this. Pick your favorite costume from our collection and strut yourself at the next Halloween festival.

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  • Adult School Girl Study Partner Outfit

    Who wrote the book of love? You will! This sexy 2-piece Adult School Girl Study Partner fantasy costume features a feminine spandex tie top and short pleated plaid skirt. Show off your curves and your knowledge! These...

  • On Lookers Will Wonder. Woman Costume American Hero
    American Hero Costume
    $68.95 $51.98

    Be the best dressed, sexiest American Hero at the party or fulfill his female super hero fantasy. Either way, you win when you assume a persona of strength and beauty with the American Hero. This pull up romper comes...

  • Arabian Princess Costume
    Arabian Princess Costume
    $122.95 $92.98

    The Arabian Princess Costume is right out of a fantasy; you are the princess and he is the prince, get on your magic carpet and fly away. This gorgeous, sheer, blue ensemble comes in four pieces; a bra like top with off the...

  • Dia De Muertos Costume
    Dia De Muertos Costume
    $137.95 $103.98

    Dance the night away! This deluxe sexy 4-piece Dia De Muertos Costume is an elegant fantasy costume that brings on South American sensuality and exciting sexy intrigue. Our Dia de Muertos fantasy costume features a maxi...

  • Doggy Doo Costume
    Doggy Doo Costume
    $85.95 $64.98

    Make the room howl with delight when you walk in the room with this Doggy Doo costume. This hotter than hot costume comes with paw prints in all the right places. This is a one-piece romper with sensuous cut-out sides and...

  • Made in USA, Hot Pursuit Cop Costume
    Hot Pursuit Cop Costume
    $59.95 $44.98

    This seven piece costume contains all of the materials you need to be a sexy cop at the next Halloween party. The Zipper Front Mini Dress is form fitting and is sure to help you catch your eyes, while the wide variety of...

  • Made in USA, Light Feather Indian Costume

    A wild and untamed Indian, just waiting for opportunity to arise to make her mark. The Light Feather Indian costume lets you write your own western, whether a true romance or a thriller complete with grit and toughness, who...

  • Mermaid Princess Costume
    Mermaid Princess Costume
    $81.95 $61.98

    Mermaids have always been considered sexy creatures, so if you love their fishy perfection, then this three piece sexy mermaid outfit is sure to please both you and your partner. You will look the part while wearing the long...

  • Princess Beauty Halloween Costume

    Are you the beauty? Why yes, so channel your inner princess in the adult Princess Beauty Halloween Costume. There's something so sweet and yet very sexy about this pretty yellow ensemble. The top is an off the shoulder...

  • Secret Studies Sexy School Girl Outfit

    Have some fun wearing this sexy school girl costume and schedule your next exams with your sweetie! This cute, yet sexy and exciting little getup is sure to spark a sexy thrill to you and your lover's next role playing...

  • Sexy Adventurer Costume for Women
    Sexy Adventurer Costume
    $95.95 $71.98

    If tomb raiding and adventure are your style, then you found it in our Sexy Adventurer Costume. This sexy six piece costume comes with brown short shorts and crop top, a two ring clip back pack, a belt with a gun...

  • Sexy Puppet Costume
    Sexy Puppet Costume
    $105.95 $79.98

    If you aren't afraid of the consequences of telling your lover the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then you'll love dressing up in this four piece sexy puppet costume to have fun playing your favorite games! This...

  • Super Gamer Girl Costume
    Super Gamer Girl Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    Are you a gamer? Is your guy? Jump out of the screen in the Super Gamer Girl Costume, the classic, Italian video game character that has been updated to be ridiculously revealing. This two-piece ensemble features a short,...

  • Teachers Pet School Girl Costume

    Everyone knows that the teacher's pet always gets what she wants and in this costume you're definitely going to continue that tradition. The white tie-front top and plaid mini-skirt are the perfect style for this outfit and...

  • Web of Desire Costume
    Web of Desire Costume
    $91.95 $68.98

    The ideal mix of sexy and strong, this superhero is ready for anything with her web-slinging powers. This costume features a full-coverage romper in bright blue and red and trimmed with silver, but that doesn't mean it...

  • Campus Cutie Sexy Schoolgirl Costume

    If you loved your school days, then try this sexy and fun study partner school girl costume! The checkered skirt looks great with the white padded bra top, and you can purchase the matching accessories if desired to make...

  • Maid Servant Costume
    Maid Servant Costume
    $45.95 $34.98

    Add some excitement to your evening by wearing this 2-piece sexy French Maid Costume. The mini dress with built-in petticoat hugs your body while bow attached to the front accents lines of your bodice. You'll sizzle as you...

  • Mystery Solver Halloween Costume

    The Mystery Solver Halloween Costume is so retro cute and sexy. Featuring a purple, long sleeved mini-dress with stripe details on the sleeves and hem, neon green neckerchief and purple headband, this costume hits all the...

  • No Place Like Home Costume

    The No Place Like Home Costume is a naughty take on the classic Dorothy look. Your man will be running home when he knows you'll be greeting him at the door in this! This three piece No Place Like Home Costume includes the...

  • Made in USA, Perilous Vines Halloween Costume

    Green and glittered, this padded, underwire teddy accentuates your entire body including improving your waist. With green tights to accentuate your legs, a sequined headband and glittered green armbands complete the ensemble...

  • Pixie Dust Halloween Costume

    You will be a sexy sprite in this Pixie Dust Halloween Costume! A two piece glittery green asymmetrical dress with matching panty and removable straps, this look puts the p in pixie. This is a simple, easy Halloween costume,...

  • Sexy School Tease Outfit
    Sexy School Tease Outfit
    $36.95 $27.98

    Did you ever want to be a sexy tease in school but never had the nerve to do it? Or maybe you weren't allowed to wear such risque clothing to school. This two piece Sexy School Tease Outfit will let you fulfill your fantasy...

  • Super Gamer Pal Costume
    Super Gamer Pal Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    The Super Gamer Gal costume is everything you need to be the ultimate video gamer girl. Whether you're headed out for a night on the town or trying to impress the ultimate gamer guy, you'll look hot every single time in this...

  • Video Game Princess Halloween Costume

    Deluxe 3-piece sexy Video Game Princess Halloween Costume! Pretty in pink with matching jeweled crown headband. Perfect for parties and conventions! Super sexy for intimate video game parties at home. Be the gamer fantasy...

  • Charming Cricket Costume
    Charming Cricket Costume
    $157.95 $118.98

    You'll be the bees knees in this deluxe 7-piece sexy fantasy Charming Cricket Costume! Top hat and spats, lace back corset, and velvet tail coat and shorts included. Perfect for sexy after parties, Halloween parties and...

  • Countess of The Night Vampire Costume

    Vampires can definitely be sexy and when you're looking for the best costume for your next Halloween party they are definitely something you should consider. This particular vampire is the perfect countess of the night like...

  • Perfect Pumpkin Costume
    Perfect Pumpkin Costume
    $58.99 $44.98

    The sexy Perfect Pumpkin Costume for women is perfect for Halloween parties! This 3 piece sexy Halloween costume features orange bikini top with Jack O'Lantern eyes and nose detail, layered miniskirt and leafy vine headpiece...

  • Anchors Away Sailor Costume

    This sexy Anchors Away Sailor Costume probably is one that most would see sailors wearing on a naval vessel. It surely would add a little spice to that ship and to those sailing along with you on the seven seas seeing the...

  • Bite Me Vampire Costume
    Bite Me Vampire Costume
    $87.99 $65.98

    Vampires have always had a sultry allure and this makes the classic bloodsucker a perfect costume choice for Halloween. The sexy "Bite Me Vampire Halloween Costume" is so unique, the costume is a great choice for scores of...

  • Black Magic Witch Costume

    This witch can cast any spell she wants and if you want to bring a special someone to you ... well you won't have to worry about wasting your spells. This costume features a black mini dress with a corset style and black...