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Hippie & Retro Costumes

Get in touch with your inner flower child with our unique and fashionable Hippies and Retro costumes. Stylishly showcasing the fashions of days gone by, these ensembles are perfect for themed parties. Constructed with quality and attention to detail, your costume is sure to be the talk of any get-together.

Be the flower child and the sexy cultivator of peace at any party with these hot hippie and retro costumes. The past was a sexy place, no matter what your elders may tell you, and you deserve to let that sex appeal flow through to today's parties. Remember, that was a time of free love, and these costumes really help you play that part! Go with the Free Love Hippie Costume, the Shagadelic Hippie Outfit, or any outfit you see here to create the perfect peace loving good time.

No party to attend? No problem. Use these outfits to please your retro-loving man or to properly spice up your girls night out. There is no shame in being proud of your inner hippie, so why not let her shine through in all her sexy glory? The outfits come in lasting fabrics which breathe and move easily with the skin, so the costume can be worn time and time again. Buy a few costumes to mix and match to create your very own unique flower power style.

Don't forget to accessorize! The fuzzy boots reaching to the knee are hot under that flower pattern dress, mini skirt or barely there top. Headbands are also a must - remember, we all let our beauty shine through in our faces back in the day. No one wanted to be without the shades either; spice up the costume with a fresh pair of round, retro sunglasses.

These costumes light up any room with their peace loving, hippie style. Purchase a few today - with accessories - so you will always be ready whenever the love mood strikes.

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  • Far Out Hippie Dress Costume

    Two Piece Far Out Hippie Costume includes Psychedelic Floral Print Mini Dress with White Trim and Matching Headband.

  • Free Love Hippie Costume
    Free Love Hippie Costume
    $69.99 $52.98

    Five Piece Free Love Sexy Hippie Costume includes Tie Die Halter Top, Faux Suede Vest with Fringe, Stretch Denim Shorts with Tie Die Lace-up Sides, Faux Suede Belt with Attached Flower, and Matching Head Band with Flower...

  • Made in USA, Go Go Dancer Costume
    Go Go Dancer Costume
    $49.99 $37.98

    Retro 1960's inspired Go Go Dancer Outfit is eye catching and sexy! This Halloween or period costume party ensemble includes a totally mod microfiber mini dress with a silver dotted line pattern and criss cross strappy open...

  • Groovy Baby Hippie Halloween Costume

    Groovy Baby Hippie Sexy Costume includes Faux Suede Halter Top with Fringe Trim, Matching Mini Skirt, Mohair Vest and Mohair Leg Warmers with Side Fringe Lining. Sunglasses and hair band not included. Made in...

  • Hippie Hottie Halloween Costume

    Three Piece Hippie Chic Costume includes Faux Suede Jacket with Fringe Trim and Faux Fur Collar, Matching Dress with Rhinestone on Glitter Peace Symbol, and Faux Fur and Fringe Legwarmers. Made in...

  • Love Child Hippie Costume
    Love Child Hippie Costume
    $143.99 $107.98

    Six Piece Love Child Hippie Costume includes Tie Back Faux Suede Halter Top with Fringe, Matching Pull-on Mini Skirt with Lace-up Accents, Braided Head Band with Flower, Faux Mohair Vest and Matching Leg Warmers with Side...

  • Shagadelic Babe 70s Outfit

    Sexy Two Piece Shagadelic Babe Costume includes Stretch Spandex Dress with Vinyl Shoulder and Neck Strap, and Matching Headband. Made in...

  • Shagadelic Hippie Outfit
    Shagadelic Hippie Outfit
    $198.99 $149.98

    Four Piece Shagagelic Hippie Costume includes Fringe Halter Top with Peace Sign, A-Line Skirt, Long Faux Fur Vest with Peace Sign on Back, and Faux Fur Legwarmers. Made in...