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Hero Costumes

Leave the saving of the world to the boys? Not a chance! Be the hero this Halloween with our fun and glamorous superhero costumes. With our wide selection of styles, you are sure to find the perfect sexy superhero costume for any themed party or event.

 Since the golden age of comics in the 1930s and 1940s, women have been developing their role in comic story lines. Whether a female was a "good girl" or a "bad girl" in comics, one thing was for sure- her costume was slinky and provocative. Tight fitting, curve hugging pant lines and teasing fringe add to the appeal of the female superhero.

Strong, sassy and sexy costumes will ensure that you are the only superhero who matters. Whether you are a Marvel girl or a DC Comics fan, 3 Wishes has the perfect figure flattering costume that is sure to be your lover's kryptonite.

Dress as the come-hither hero or voluptuous villain this Halloween with 3 Wishes fun, flirty and glamorous superhero costumes. Prepare for Comic Con or any superhero themed event with a different female superhero costume for each day and pack a powerful, lasting impression.

With our wide selection of styles, you are sure to find the perfect sexy superhero or villain costume for any themed Cosplay party or event. And don't forget about the accessories. When the costume comes off at the end of the night, you will want to maintain your identity with nothing but your cape or boots. When the party is over, you can rescue your lover over and over with after hours super action.

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  • On Lookers Will Wonder. Woman Costume American Hero

    Be the best dressed, sexiest American Hero at the party or fulfill his female super hero fantasy. Either way, you win when you assume a persona of strength and beauty with the American Hero. This pull up romper comes...

  • Moon Princess Cosplay Costume

    5 Piece Anime Hero Costume includes Crop Top with Sequin Trimmed Sailor Sash and Front Sequin Bow, Sequin Trimmed Mini Skirtwith Sequin Back Bow, Royal Blue Boy Shorts, Cresent Moon Headband, and Sequin Hair Buns. *93%...

  • Queen of Dragons Costume

    Two Piece Queen of Dragons Costume includes Sheer Gown with Floral Embroidery, Flyaway Sash Back Detail and Ribbons Embellished with Stones and Beads. Costume includes Floral Embroidered waist Cincher with Ribbon Lace-up...

  • Sexy Adventurer Costume

     Six Piece Sexy Adventurer Costume includes Crop Top, Shorts, Two Ring Clip Back Pack, Belt with Gun Holster, and Two Toy Guns. Made in USA

  • Super Gamer Girl Costume

    Super Gamer Girl is easily recognized as one of the world's most famous Italians. Super sexy gaming legend leaps to life when you put on this revealing costume. The bare mid-driff crop top and sexy stretch shorts with...

  • Web of Desire Costume

    Four Piece Web of Desire Costume features Romper with Padded Cups, Open Back, and Web Pattern. Costume comes with Fingerless Elbow Length Gloves, and Web Guard Sunglasses...

  • Perilous Vines Halloween Costume

    Five Piece Perilous Vines Costume includes Strapless Padded Underwire Teddy with Beaded Sequin Vine Detail, Matching Fingerless Gloves, Sequin Half Mask, and Spandex Nylon Tights. Made in...

  • Super Gamer Pal Costume

    Four Piece Super Gamer Pal Costume for Women includes Crop Top, Stretch Shorts with Attached Adjustable Suspenders, Cap, and Fake Mustache.

  • The Cat Costume
    The Cat Costume

    Six Piece Sexy Cat Costume includes Stretch Long Sleeve Cropette Top, Lace-up Back Corset with Boning, Belt, Long Pants with Lace-up Sides, Mask with Cat Ears, and Riding Crop...

  • Adult Lone Rider Halloween Costume

    Seven Piece Sexy Ranger Costume for Women features Color Block Halter Style Romper with Metal Badge, Star Detail Buttons and Contrast Color Lapel. Includes Mask, Braided Choker, Tall Texan Cowgirl Hat, A Pair of Toy Six...

  • Dragon Slayer Warrior Princess Costume

    Five Piece Sexy Dragon Slayer Costume for Women includes Halter Jeweled Bra Top featuring Faux Dragon Scale Lace-up Shoulder Bonds, Elastic Waist Skirt with Full Side Slits, Faux Dragon Scale War Belt, Matching Arm Bands,...

  • Kung Fu Cutie Fighter Costume

    Six Piece Kung Fu Cutie Costume includes Back Zip Dress, Boy Shorts, Light Up Spike Bracelets and Hair Buns.

  • Sexy Astronaut Front

    Explore New Worlds and Zip up for Wild Adventures in the Sexy Astronaut Space Suit. This Full Length Body Hugging Jump Suit features Zip Front, Padded Collar, US Flag Side Patch, and Arm Patches that Read: "Mission",...

  • Viking Warrior

    Six Piece Viking Warrior Costume Set includes Stud and Faux Fur Trimmed Hat with Horns, Tie Back Top with Faux Fur Shoulders, Lace-up Waist Cincher with Boning and Side Zipper, Lace-up Skirt, Tie-up Faux Fur Leg Warmers, and...

  • Astronaughty Space Outfit

    Wearing this Retro Sexy Astronaut Space Costume for Women you will Have no Problem Making Contact with Extra Terrestrial Beings. Includes Stretch Peek a Boo Dress with High Helmet Collar, Hem in Silver Metallic Trim, and...

  • Comic Book Heroine Costume

    Three Piece Comic Book Heroine Costume includes Romper, Waist Cincher with Boning, and Headband. Made in USA  Complete your Costume with #R1454B Star Hero Boot Cuffs not included...

  • Fantasy Girl Halloween Cosume

    Five Piece Fantasy Girl Costume includes Tank Top, Mini Skirt, Belt, Snap on Suspenders, and Gloves. Made in USA 

  • Fantasy Heroine Cosplay Costume

    9 Piece Fantasy Heroine Costume includes Top, Cape, Belt, Shorts, Suede Pouch, Arm Bands, Feather on String Hair Clip and Hip Wrap.

  • Forest Outlaw

    Five Piece Forest Outlaw Costume includes Hat with Feather, Lace-up Hooded Crop Top with Sheer Front, Side and Back, Mini Skirt with Attached Half Slip, Belt, and Money Pouch. Made in USA...

  • Frosty Hero Cosplay Costume

    Frosty Hero Costume features Microfiber Tube Top with Contrast Rhinestone Encrusted Eyelets with Lace-up Detail, and Slinky Microfiber Cropped Pants with Attached Belt featuring Jewel Mounted Silver Buckle. Elbow Length...

  • Game Trainer Halloween Costume

    Get Your Game on with This Sexy Game Trainer Full Length Body Hugging Jumpsuit. The Game Trainer Jumpsuit feature Zip Front, Sheer Mesh Waist Panels, "12" Embroidered Back Patch and Sleeve Patch.Necklace not included...

  • Gladiator Girl Costume

    Gladiator Girl Costume includes Wet Look Large Fishnet Bra, Skirt, Sword and Shield.

  • Indiana Jane Costume

    Sexy 8 Piece Indiana Jane Costume includes Tie Top, Jacket, Skirt, Belt, Rope, Dagger, Cross Strap and Hat.

  • Masked Bandita Costume

    Five Piece Masked Bandita Costume includes Hat, Mask, Cape, Sword, and Halter Minidress with Lace-up Front Detail and Z shaped Functioning Zipper Slash Openings. Made in...

  • Medieval Mistress Costume

    This Medieval Mistress is Holding Strong and Distracting the Enemy in a Fishnet Teddy with Chain Thong and Shoulder Strap Detail, Pleated Mini Skirt with Side Chain Detail, Fishnet Stockings and Toy Mace. Complete your item...

  • Miss Incredible Superhero Costume

    Four Piece Miss Incredible Super Hero Costume features a Strapless Bustier with Zip-up Side, Tattered Hem Mini Skirt with Lace-up Side Slits and a Pair of Fingerless Padded Gauntlets. Made in...

  • Musketeer Mistress Costume

    Five Piece Musketeer Mistress Costume includes Fully Boned Corset with Cross Detail,Pants, Sleeves, Collar, and Hat. Sword not included.

  • Naughty Robyn Costume

    Four Piece Naughty Robyn Costume include Micro Suede Tube Top with Contrast Faux Leather Trim and Lace-up Detailing, Slinky Microfiber Cropped Pants with Attached Belt and Medieval Style Buckle, Sexy Micro Suede Off the...

  • Robin D Rich

    Sexy Six Piece Robin D. Rich Costume for Women includes Faux Suede Dress, Archery Holster, Belt, Money Bag, Gloves, and Hat.  

  • Robyn Da Hood Costume

    6 Piece Sexy Heroine Robyn Da Hood Costume includes Ruffle Hem Dress and Faux Leather Waist Corset, Hat, Lace-up Gauntlets and Drawstring Bag.