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Hero Costumes

Leave the saving of the world to the boys? Not a chance! Be the hero this Halloween with our fun and glamorous superhero costumes. With our wide selection of styles, you are sure to find the perfect sexy superhero costume for any themed party or event.

 Since the golden age of comics in the 1930s and 1940s, women have been developing their role in comic story lines. Whether a female was a "good girl" or a "bad girl" in comics, one thing was for sure- her costume was slinky and provocative. Tight fitting, curve hugging pant lines and teasing fringe add to the appeal of the female superhero.

Strong, sassy and sexy costumes will ensure that you are the only superhero who matters. Whether you are a Marvel girl or a DC Comics fan, 3 Wishes has the perfect figure flattering costume that is sure to be your lover's kryptonite.

Dress as the come-hither hero or voluptuous villain this Halloween with 3 Wishes fun, flirty and glamorous superhero costumes. Prepare for Comic Con or any superhero themed event with a different female superhero costume for each day and pack a powerful, lasting impression.

With our wide selection of styles, you are sure to find the perfect sexy superhero or villain costume for any themed Cosplay party or event. And don't forget about the accessories. When the costume comes off at the end of the night, you will want to maintain your identity with nothing but your cape or boots. When the party is over, you can rescue your lover over and over with after hours super action.

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  • On Lookers Will Wonder. Woman Costume American Hero
    American Hero Costume
    $68.95 $51.98

    Be the best dressed, sexiest American Hero at the party or fulfill his female super hero fantasy. Either way, you win when you assume a persona of strength and beauty with the American Hero. This pull up romper comes...

  • Moon Princess Cosplay Costume

    Do you have a fetish for Anime or other role playing characters? Live your fantasy of being an Anime Princess wearing this 5 piece Anime Moon Princess Cosplay Costume at your next party. Party revelers surely won't be able...

  • Sexy Adventurer Costume for Women
    Sexy Adventurer Costume
    $95.95 $71.98

    If tomb raiding and adventure are your style, then you found it in our Sexy Adventurer Costume. This sexy six piece costume comes with brown short shorts and crop top, a two ring clip back pack, a belt with a gun...

  • Super Gamer Girl Costume
    Super Gamer Girl Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    Are you a gamer? Is your guy? Jump out of the screen in the Super Gamer Girl Costume, the classic, Italian video game character that has been updated to be ridiculously revealing. This two-piece ensemble features a short,...

  • Web of Desire Costume
    Web of Desire Costume
    $91.95 $68.98

    The ideal mix of sexy and strong, this superhero is ready for anything with her web-slinging powers. This costume features a full-coverage romper in bright blue and red and trimmed with silver, but that doesn't mean it...

  • Made in USA, Perilous Vines Halloween Costume

    Green and glittered, this padded, underwire teddy accentuates your entire body including improving your waist. With green tights to accentuate your legs, a sequined headband and glittered green armbands complete the ensemble...

  • Super Gamer Pal Costume
    Super Gamer Pal Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    The Super Gamer Gal costume is everything you need to be the ultimate video gamer girl. Whether you're headed out for a night on the town or trying to impress the ultimate gamer guy, you'll look hot every single time in this...

  • The Cat Costume
    The Cat Costume
    $189.95 $142.98

    Here kitty kitty...this fetish inspired feline costume is purrrrfect for Halloween and fantasy fun. The six piece sexy Cat Costume for women features wet look leather long pants with lace sides, a long sleeve cropette top...

  • Adult Lone Rider Halloween Costume

    Relive the wild west with this wonderful and exciting Lone Rider costume. This costume features a wonderful low cut top that will be sure to accentuate your looks. The low cut shorts will fit you perfectly, and you will feel...

  • Made in USA, Dragon Slayer Warrior Princess Costume

    Powerful, sexy, deluxe 5-piece Dragon Slayer Warrior Princess Costume for women is complete with exquisite detail and accessories to delight and amaze! This sexy Dragon Slayer Warrior Princess fantasy costume includes halter...

  • Kung Fu Cutie Fighter Costume

    You're stronger than you look, so make sure that special someone knows it with this sexy kung fu costume. You'll be perfectly sexy with this blue and yellow mini-dress but secretly you're also prepared for a fight with these...

  • Sexy Astronaut Costume Front
    Sexy Astronaut Costume
    $99.95 $74.98

    This full lengthy body hugging jump suit will get you ready to explore new territory even though it may only be in the privacy of your home or at a party with good friends. Wearing this sexy astronaut costume will surely...

  • Made in USA Viking Warrior Costume
    Viking Warrior Costume
    $265.95 $199.98

    Six Piece Viking Warrior Costume Set includes Stud and Faux Fur Trimmed Hat with Horns, Tie Back Top with Faux Fur Shoulders, Lace-up Waist Cincher with Boning and Side Zipper, Lace-up Skirt, Tie-up Faux Fur Leg Warmers, and...

  • Astronaughty Space Outfit

    Astronauts spend their time in places where no one will hear you scream and in this costume you're going to be screaming for some very good reasons. This fitted white dress features silver accents, boot covers and arm bands...

  • Babydoll Sucker Punch Costume

    Be an asskicker and look crazy cute doing it in this replica Babydoll Sucker Punch costume. This four piece ensemble includes a blue, cropped sailor inspired top and belt, a mini skirt, thigh highs and a head band. Grab your...

  • Made in USA, Bat Chick Superheo Costume
    Bat Chick Superhero Costume
    $175.95 $131.98

    Sexy and chic… this costume will make you feel like you're the woman in charge for sure. You will be able to show everyone that you're calling all the shots when you have on this costume! The Bat Chick Superhero...

  • Chain Mail Hooded Dress
    Chain Mail Hooded Dress
    $29.95 $22.98

    All eyes on you!! This Chain Mail Hooded dress will have you bringing the masses to the floor in awe of your costume. You will love and adore this sexy costume that will draw people to you like a magnet. It comes in two...

  • Made in USA, Comic Book Heroine Costume

    What guy doesn't love a good comic book? Those hero's are definitely someone to look up to. But in this heroine costume you're going to be more than a moral compass (who wants that after all). Instead, with this fitted...

  • Deluxe Catwoman Costume
    Deluxe Catwoman Costume
    $59.95 $44.98

    Meow. The Dark Knight's Catwoman is smart, sexy and fast on her can be too in the Deluxe Catwoman Costume, a replica of Catwoman's ensemble. This costume includes a black, form fitting front zip jumpsuit, a molded...

  • Deluxe Superman Cape for Men
    Deluxe Superman Cape
    $39.95 $29.98

    Be the sexiest superhero that ever saved the world in this Deluxe Superman Cape! Floor length red cape with authentic embroidered Superman logo on front. Be stronger and faster than a speeding bullet. Delight your romantic...

  • Ezio Girl Costume
    Ezio Girl Costume
    $154.95 $116.98

    Going for the look of an assassin? This is the perfect look for you. This sexy Ezio Girl Costume is sure to make peoples hearts melt and their eyes pop. Whether you're going to a costume to party or to the bedroom, you're...

  • Made in USA, Fantasy Girl Halloween Cosume

    This unique and sexy deluxe 5-piece Fantasy Girl Halloween Costume will transform you into a sexy fantasy warrior girl! Leather look mini skirt and belt, tank top, sexy snap on suspenders and deluxe fantasy gloves included...

  • Fantasy Heroine Cosplay Costume

    Cosplay is one of the biggest things around right now and men and women of all ages are jumping at the chance to dress up as their favorite hero. When you dress up as this fantasy heroine however, you won't have any trouble...

  • Female Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

    You're going to be large and in charge when you put on this costume! The Female Star Wars Stormtrooper costume will make yours and others fantasies a reality as soon as you put it on. If you're going to a convention, to a...

  • Forest Outlaw

    Five Piece Forest Outlaw Costume includes Hat with Feather, Lace-up Hooded Crop Top with Sheer Front, Side and Back, Mini Skirt with Attached Half Slip, Belt, and Money Pouch. Made in USA...

  • Frosty Hero Cosplay Costume
    Frosty Hero Cosplay Costume
    $163.99 $122.98

    You're going to be the perfect snow queen in this frosty hero Halloween costume. With white spandex crop top, capris and cape, no one can resist your charm. You'll be all set to freeze your enemies with snow and ice from you...

  • Game Trainer Halloween Costume

    Let the games begin! This Game Trainer Halloween Costume will surely put you in the game spirit at the party or at the private game in a more intimate setting to get ready for the games to begin! This full length body...

  • Ghostbusters Costume
    Ghostbusters Costume
    $59.95 $44.98

    Who are you going to call?? With this sexy Ghostbusters costume on, you're going to be the only one anyone wants to call. You will be strikingly beautiful and sexy all at once when you put this costume on. Whether you're...

  • Gladiator Girl Costume
    Gladiator Girl Costume
    $29.99 $22.98

    Gladiator Girl Costume includes Wet Look Large Fishnet Bra, Skirt, Sword and Shield.

  • Harley Quinn Costume
    Harley Quinn Costume
    $69.95 $52.98

    Get ready for a night of mischief when you get dolled up as one of Arkham's most alluring inmates, Harley Quinn! Made to simulate real leather, this tempting costume consists of a bustier-style crop top and skin-tight pants...