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Fairy Tale Costumes

Arouse your lover with these alluring costumes of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. These outfits put a scandalously delicious spin on childhood icons, redefining what it means to have "playtime" in the bedroom. These colorful and creative fairy tale costumes make for some truly interesting and stimulating role play opportunities.

Sexy Fairy Tale Costumes are available in a tremendous variety of sensual adult costumes. From enchanting princesses, daring dark queens, to magical unicorns, you'll find a new take on many of your favorite fairy tale characters here.

Bring a bold, erotic story to life in one of our multi-piece, accessorized sexy costumes or fantasy lingerie sets. These fantasy costumes are made of the highest quality materials for lasting comfort. Turn on all of your charms and take an imaginative journey wearing the deluxe Sexy Fairytale Costume that is perfect for you!

From the simple to the outrageously elaborate, you'll find a fantasy costume here that will transform you and your world with magical delight. These sexy costumes are perfect for festivals, stage shows, cosplay parties, conventions and intimate enchanted evenings. The colorful detail of the gorgeous Mardi Gras Jester Costume is absolutely unforgettable.

Looking for sexy lingerie that wows your playmate? The simple elegance of Story Book Hottie might do the trick. Our Sexy Bo Peeps Layers Costume is also designed to impress. Take your fairytale adventure right over the top with one of our more elaborate sexy costumes.The Sexy Unicorn Costume is astonishingly detailed and beautiful.

Achieve a darkly sensual look in one of our Sexy Evil Queen costumes. Consider the Wicked Queen, or the Wicked Wonderland Queen, and cast a spell of dark desire.

Looking to celebrate a more modern fairy tale? We have those, too! Have a look at the sexy Scooby-doo themed costumes- Mystery Solver and Doggy Doo Costume. We also offer Super Mario inspired sets and the beautiful Moon Princess Cosplay Costume.

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  • Arabian Princess Costume
    Arabian Princess Costume
    $122.95 $92.98

    The Arabian Princess Costume is right out of a fantasy; you are the princess and he is the prince, get on your magic carpet and fly away. This gorgeous, sheer, blue ensemble comes in four pieces; a bra like top with off the...

  • Doggy Doo Costume
    Doggy Doo Costume
    $85.95 $64.98

    Make the room howl with delight when you walk in the room with this Doggy Doo costume. This hotter than hot costume comes with paw prints in all the right places. This is a one-piece romper with sensuous cut-out sides and...

  • Donna Duck Costume
    Donna Duck Costume
    $65.99 $49.98

    If you're looking to have some fun you're definitely going to want this great costume. The blue and white crop top is also low cut to show off a little cleavage. You'll also get some cute white short shorts, yellow stockings...

  • Enchanted Ella Princess Costume

    The classic fairy tale princess is all grown up in this sexy Enchanted Ella Princess Costume. This adult princess costume features a zip-up back blue mini dress with white organza sleeves, a pretty sequined waistline and...

  • Moon Princess Cosplay Costume

    Do you have a fetish for Anime or other role playing characters? Live your fantasy of being an Anime Princess wearing this 5 piece Anime Moon Princess Cosplay Costume at your next party. Party revelers surely won't be able...

  • Princess Beauty Halloween Costume

    Are you the beauty? Why yes, so channel your inner princess in the adult Princess Beauty Halloween Costume. There's something so sweet and yet very sexy about this pretty yellow ensemble. The top is an off the shoulder...

  • Sexy Puppet Costume
    Sexy Puppet Costume
    $105.95 $79.98

    If you aren't afraid of the consequences of telling your lover the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then you'll love dressing up in this four piece sexy puppet costume to have fun playing your favorite games! This...

  • Super Gamer Girl Costume
    Super Gamer Girl Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    Are you a gamer? Is your guy? Jump out of the screen in the Super Gamer Girl Costume, the classic, Italian video game character that has been updated to be ridiculously revealing. This two-piece ensemble features a short,...

  • Toon Wife Costume
    Toon Wife Costume
    $97.95 $73.98

    What was it Jessica Rabbit said? "I'm not bad, I was drawn this way." Va-VOOM! You will be a vixen in red in this Toon Wife Costume, a gorgeous sequined gown that is strapless with a thigh revealing split. All eyes are on...

  • Mystery Solver Halloween Costume

    The Mystery Solver Halloween Costume is so retro cute and sexy. Featuring a purple, long sleeved mini-dress with stripe details on the sleeves and hem, neon green neckerchief and purple headband, this costume hits all the...

  • No Place Like Home Costume

    The No Place Like Home Costume is a naughty take on the classic Dorothy look. Your man will be running home when he knows you'll be greeting him at the door in this! This three piece No Place Like Home Costume includes the...

  • Pixie Dust Halloween Costume

    You will be a sexy sprite in this Pixie Dust Halloween Costume! A two piece glittery green asymmetrical dress with matching panty and removable straps, this look puts the p in pixie. This is a simple, easy Halloween costume,...

  • Super Gamer Pal Costume
    Super Gamer Pal Costume
    $84.95 $63.98

    The Super Gamer Gal costume is everything you need to be the ultimate video gamer girl. Whether you're headed out for a night on the town or trying to impress the ultimate gamer guy, you'll look hot every single time in this...

  • Video Game Princess Halloween Costume

    Deluxe 3-piece sexy Video Game Princess Halloween Costume! Pretty in pink with matching jeweled crown headband. Perfect for parties and conventions! Super sexy for intimate video game parties at home. Be the gamer fantasy...

  • Wolf Bait Halloween Costume

    Are you looking to attract the wildest and most ferocious of canis lupus? The sexy and brilliant looking Wolf Bait Halloween Costume definitely can help you get that result. The low-cut top and the short double-layered lace...

  • Charming Cricket Costume
    Charming Cricket Costume
    $157.95 $118.98

    You'll be the bees knees in this deluxe 7-piece sexy fantasy Charming Cricket Costume! Top hat and spats, lace back corset, and velvet tail coat and shorts included. Perfect for sexy after parties, Halloween parties and...

  • Courageous Lioness Costume

    You will feel plenty courageous when you slip into this nude colored costume with a mini-skirted dress and plenty of fur trim. You're going to feel a little on the rich side as well (who doesn't love wearing fur after all?)...

  • Flower Skunk Costume
    Flower Skunk Costume
    $239.95 $179.98

    The deluxe Flower Skunk Costume is one of our finest and most versatile sexy fantasy costumes! Love is in the air, mon amour! This luxurious 7-piece faux fur sexy Flower Skunk Costume is outrageously fine for Halloween...

  • Made in USA - Lil Red Hood Halloween Costume

    The big bad wolf in your life won't have a chance to eat you when wearing this lil red riding hood costume that grandma didn't make for you. He will simply melt in his tracks and let you walk on by in safety, if you want to...

  • Pretty Lil Mouse Halloween Costume

    Our Pretty Lil Mouse Halloween Costume is a deluxe 5-piece sexy fantasy costume that will be the talk of your next costume party! Bright, fun, and sexy! Comes complete with strapless bra top, puff sleeves, shorts with...

  • Made in USA - Princess Beauty Sleep Costume

    What girl doesn't dream at some point in her life about being the beautiful princess in a gorgeous ball gown, dancing with her prince charming? When you grow up a little that dream doesn't have to go away, it just changes a...

  • Scandalous Panther Costume

    Quite possibly the sexiest creature in the jungle, who wouldn't want to show off their sleek physique with this form-fitting panther costume? Available in hot pink, this sexy costume features scandalous cut-outs sure to draw...

  • Seven Piece Lil Sexy Wolf Costume
    Sexy Lil Wolf Costume
    $238.95 $179.98

    Bring out the inner wolf in you while wearing this sexy seven piece wolf costume. Instead of turning in fear your "victims" may come after you! You will be the center of attention at the party or elsewhere in more private...

  • Sexy Peter Costume
    Sexy Peter Costume
    $109.95 $82.98

    This wonderful fairy tale costume will definitely make you feel like you can fly. The costume includes a Faux Seude Corset top that gently hugs your body, while accentuating your sexiness. There is also an extremely sexy...

  • Sexy Unicorn Costume - Made in USA
    Sexy Unicorn Costume
    $293.95 $220.98

    When wearing this sexy seven piece unicorn costume you will be the life of any party. You will dispel those childhood recollections of what party revelers thought a unicorn was in the mythology books. Wear this hot number at...

  • Made in USA - Tower Beauty Princess Costume

    Letting your hair down will take on a whole new meaning with this costume, designed to make you the belle of the ball. Stepping out of your tower is definitely going to be a momentous occasion with this costume that will...

  • 1st Mate Villain Costume
    1st Mate Villain Costume
    $56.95 $42.98

    Pirates are supposed to be pretty dastardly after all, so this villain costume is definitely the perfect fit. But it's going to make you look pretty sexy at the same time with the crop top and short shorts. Just top it off...

  • Adorable Alice Costume
    Adorable Alice Costume
    $29.99 $22.98

    It's definitely going to be a fun time in Wonderland with this cute (but still sexy) costume. The full coverage blue dress topped with a white apron is sweet and innocent, but the cropped skirt and thigh high socks are going...

  • Made in USA, Adorable Deer Costume
    Adorable Deer Costume
    $232.99 $174.98

    This delightful and adorable deer costume is great for that sexy Christmas party with its faux velvet mini dress and white fur bust, and complete with a matching hood with playful pom-poms to pull on and soft deer styled...

  • Adult Cuddly Bear Costume

    Indulge in cracking entertainment when you adorn this eye-catching Adult Cuddly Bear Costume, designed to transform you into the life of the party. From cutely delicate to phenomenally sexy, this adorable costume will have...