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Butterfly & Bee Costumes

You will find an exciting collection of sexy butterfly and bee costumes for any special occasion, available in all colors and styles. Whether you need bold angel wings, petite fairy wings, red and black lady bug costumes, yellow and black bee costumes or metallic gold fairy costumes for women, you will have no trouble finding a sexy costume.

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  • Bee Naughty
    Bee Naughty

    Three Piece Naughty Bee Costume includes Glitter Headpiece, Wings, and Sheer Mini Tube Dress Embellished with Sequin Stripes. Made in...

  • Blue Garden Butterfly

    Four Piece Blue Garden Butterfly Costume includes Top, Skirt, Fishnet Gloves, and Jeweled Butterfly Wings. Made in USA

  • Buggin Out
    Buggin Out

    Fully Reversible Costume Bumble Bee / Lady Bug Stretch Knit Dress with Removable Clear Shoulder Straps and Tutu Hem Detail. Includes Antenna Headband and Wings...

  • Busty Lady Bug

    Two Piece Tempting Lady Bug Costume includes Lace up Dress with Built in Petticoat & Bell flap Wings. Made in USA 

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee

    2 Piece Busy Bee Costume includes Mini Dress with Built-In Petticoat and Wings with Ribbon Tied Bells. Complete this outfit with #L5572 Knee High Stockings not included...

  • Daisy Bug
    Daisy Bug

    4 Piece Daisy Bug Costume includes Headpiece, Wings, Petticoat Dress and Polka Dot Stockings with Daisy Applique. Shown with #R1451 Two Layer Petticoat not included...

  • Deluxe Ladybug

    Four Piece Deluxe Ladybug Costume includes Halter Tie Back Ladybug Top, Ladybug Skirt with Back Bow Design, Ladybug Legwarmers, and Headband. Made in USA Shown with R1344 Stretchy Shorts not included...

  • Fuzzy Buzz
    Fuzzy Buzz

    Three Piece Fuzzy Buzz Bee Costume includes Lace-up Dress with Ruffle Collar, Faux Fur Trim and Ring Appliqu

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    3 Piece Honey Bee Outfit includes Headpiece, Wings and Tubedress with Petticoat Skirt. Shown with #EL654 Vanity Shoes and #L9003 Industrial Net Pantyhose not included...

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug

    6 Piece Sexy Lady Bug Costume includes Headpiece, Sequined Mesh Ruffle Underwired Bra Top, Wings, Petticoat Skirt, Sequined Garter, and Polka Dot Stockings...

  • Lil Lady Bug
    Lil Lady Bug

    2 Piece Lady Bug Costume includes Built in Petticoat Tube Dress with Bows and Wings.

  • Lovely Lady Bug

    Three Piece Lovely Lady Bug Costume includes Dress with Lace Ruffle Back Panel, Head Piece, and Wings.  

  • Sexy Lady Bug
    Sexy Lady Bug

    2 Piece Sexy Lady Bug Costume includes Mini Dress with Built-In Petticoat and Wings with Ribbon Tied Bells. Shown with #L5572 Knee High Stockings not included...

  • Sexy Peacock
    Sexy Peacock

    Three Piece Sexy Peacock Costume features Lace-up Front Bustier with Boning and Zip-up Back. Sequin Miniskirt with Peacock Feather Trim, and Peacock Feather Fan which Doubles as a Peacock Tail included. Made in USA Shown...

  • Sexy Queen Bee

    4 Piece Sexy Queen Bee Costume includes Crown, Collared Underwired Bra Top, Wings and Petticoat Skirt. Shown with #L9003 Industrial Net Pantyhose not included...

  • Sexy Stinger
    Sexy Stinger

    Four Piece Sexy Stinger Bee Costume includes Halter Triangle Top with Ring Design, Tiny Mini Skirt with Faux Fur Trim and Ring Appliqué, Long Foil Faux Fur Leg Warmers, and Plush Head Piece. Made in...

  • Sunny Bee
    Sunny Bee

    Two Piece Sunny Bee Costumes for Adults includes Lace-up Bee Dress with Built in Petticoat and Glitter Bee Wings. Made in USA  

  • Bee Dazzled Necklace

    Epoxy and Crystal Bumble Bee Pendant on Shock Bead Chain with Lobster Clasp. Free Gift Box included.Chain Length: 16" Pendant Length 1"Color:...

  • Butterfly Crotchless Panty

    This delicate thong brings a bit of wispy flirting into an enchanting evening with your lover. These beautiful crotchless panties will become your favorite lingerie. These are available in 5 colors to match your mood and...

  • Ladybug Hair Bow Set