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Men's Sexy Wear

When you're ready to get down and dirty in the bedroom, consider turning up the heat with our men's sexy wear. We have everything you need when you're searching for something unique, creative, and downright dirty. Our selection includes everything from men's boxers, men's thongs, men's bun huggers, and more!

Attention fellas! You are hot, sensuous beings with an amazing ability to make your partner go nuts for your assets. Why should you let her have all the sex appeal when you've got just as much of your own? She turns you on with her peekaboo lingerie and barely there teddies; it's your time to turn her on and make her sweat with your revealing clothing and hidden playthings. Why not browse through our wide selection of men's sexy wear and see if anything tickles your fancy?

Grab her too and see what selections she likes. Buy a few and surprise her every night with a new sexy outfit that she will clamor to peel off you. With so many choices, the only hard part will be figuring out what you want to order! Buy a Suspender Pouch, a Rainbow Thong, or an Open Heart Jock Strap, sit back, and let her play with all your best assets.

You know you're a good looking guy with a body to match. Why not shop for the masculine, sensuous, hot assets you were given? You'll give both yourself and your partner not only one of the hottest nights in history, but a night to remember. When you purchase more than one of our sexy outfits, you'll repeat the experience over and over again. Don't be shy, guys. Your hottest night - or day - of sexual fantasy and exploration is waiting for you. She's waiting for you to surprise her and peel these costumes away from that hard body.

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  • Candyman Bowtie and Cuffs

    Who doesn't love a man who's all dressed up for a night on the town? This costume is going to combine the best of that tuxedo with the right amount of skin for your next party. This costume features a black bow tie and white...

  • Candyman G String in blue

    Turn yourself into a Tarzan like savage to party with your partner in this Men's G-String costume. It's made with comfortable, adjustable elastic strips inside it to make it stay firmer where you put it, and it can fit men...

  • Candyman Tuxedo Tease Outfit

    This Tuxedo Tease is certainly an outfit you won't see much at weddings and probably will get you thrown out of the wedding party. The Tuxedo Tease is made to please those who can appreciate a more sensual and less...

  • Men's Guilty Pleasure Singlet

    If you are feeling guilty, then dress yourself up in this men's orange suspender style singlet to show your misbehaving style! It lets everyone know how bad you are because the word "guilty" is written right on your buttocks...

  • Heavy Hose Fireman Costume

    Heavy Hose sexy fantasy costume for men is an eye-catching sexy delight! Fire engine red boxers with attached suspenders and fire hydrant print with bright yellow heavy fire hose at front. Put out some old flames and start...

  • Candyman Lace Jockstrap

    This wonderful Lace Jockstrap is the perfect article of clothing to wear to your next date night. The jock strap comes in a wide variety of different colors, and it is extremely comfortable. The laciness of these wonderful...

  • Men's Late Night Cop Costume

    This late night cop costume is not one you are going to see being worn by your local police officers out on the streets but at a party or a more intimate setting it's just what the Police Chief ordered! This sexy four piece...

  • Men's Lace Thong

    There's no need for making dessert after dinner if you're wearing this piece! Look super sweet in this eye-catching thong with a candyman waistband. The sheer, intricately detailed lace design highlights the most valuable...

  • Mens Mesh G String in Gray

    Get your partner all revved up and ready to go with this Men's Mesh G String that leaves very little to the imagination. Think about the look on your partner's face when this sexy undergarment is revealed. There will be no...

  • Mens Neon Effect Thong

    The Men's Neon Effect Thong is sexy and fun, available in an array of 80's inspired neon colors like fuschia, green, orange and yellow. This simple but comfortable thong features a thin side band on the hips, freeing your...

  • Mens Wreath G-String

    If you're looking to 'dress up' for a special night with that special someone then this wreath G-string is definitely going to lure them in for the surprise. This red and green wreath isn't going to be hiding anything but...

  • Soft Net Boxer

    While wearing these Soft Net Boxers you will feel and look your sexiest. These comfortable fit boxers reveal just enough to pique one's curiosity but doesn't reveal the "goods" all at once. Wear them at a party for all to...

  • Tuxedo Boxer Brief

    Answer the door and wait on the crowd at your next party in this seductive Tuxedo Boxer Brief. Guests will surely be tempted to untie your bow tie to loosen up your "stuff." These boxer briefs are ideal for those more...

  • Army Boxer Brief
    Army Boxer Brief
    $39.99 $23.98

    Men's Boxer Brief with Wide Candyman Waistband. Featuring Silver "ARMY" and Star Print. 

  • Bad Cop Boxer Briefs

    Bad cops like to wear bad cop boxer briefs. Wearing a pair of these Bad Cop Boxer Briefs will surely turn heads at your party and will make your private party all the more exhilarating. Bring out your "bad" side with these...

  • Barely Serving

    Men's Barely Serving Costume includes Cotton/Lycra Thong with Attached Collar Band and Bow Tie. 

  • Men's Bat Boxer
    Bat Boxer

    For those men seeking the "superhero look" when they are out of costume, wearing Bat Boxers is the perfect choice. The human body's arms and legs makes an "X" and the core of that "X" becomes impossible to miss with a...

  • Buckle Up Bun Hugger
    Buckle Up Bun Hugger
    $36.99 $21.98

    Solid and Plaid Bun Hugger with Mock Buckle Closures in the Front.

  • Bull Ride Pouch
    Bull Ride Pouch
    $24.99 $14.98

  • Camo Boxer
    Camo Boxer

  • Camouflage Jockstrap
    Camouflage Jockstrap
    $28.99 $16.98

    Camouflage Pattern and Mesh Overlay Jockstrap made of a Soft Material featuring a Wide Elastic Embroidered Color Waist Band.

  • Candyman Clown Briefs

    The Candyman Clown Costume Outfit is proof that there's no harm in clowning around! This set is guaranteed to liven up any mood, and turn it into quite the sexy scenario! It's made from stretchy microfiber fabric that forms...

  • Candyman Gladiator Costume

    What was it Maximus said in the film Gladiator, "Are you not entertained?" Yes actually, everyone will be entertained when you wear this bold Candyman Gladiator costume come Halloween. But heck, wear it whenever you want...

  • Candyman Patriotic Thong

    You will never feel as proud to be an America, or as proud to be with an American, as you will when you bust into the bedroom with this extremely sexy Candyman Patriotic Thong. Usually your assets probably speak for...

  • Candyman Sailor Outfit

    Everyone will want a piece of you if you head out to your next sexy costume party in this seductively delicious Candyman Sailor Outfit. The three piece set contains a low rise brief with blue fabric and gold emblems along...

  • Candyman Suspender Pouch

    All eyes will surely be on you and more likely your "stuff" while wearing this hot and sexy suspender pouch that leaves very little to the imagination. Just enough of your "goods" will be covered to make those around you...

  • Charmeuse Tuxedo Boxer

    Mens Charmeuse Boxer with Fly Front Trimmed with Bow Tie and Mock Buttons.

  • Cherry Birds Brief

    Brief with Wide Elastic Waistband with Pattern Birds on the Front Giving it a More Modern Touch, Enhancement Cup which has a Pattern of Shapes in Two Tones, and Elastic Bias Around the Entire Garment for Comfort...

  • Colorful Forest Boxer
    Colorful Forest Boxer
    $36.99 $21.98

    Boxer Brief with Clever Waistband and Colorful Bright Print.

  • Denim Effect Boxer

    The CLEVER Indigo Jean Boxer Brief is ideal for the jeans lover because it features an amazingly realistic denim jeans print, even down to the details of the weathered wash. This Latin style brief is low rise and lean cut...