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Men's Costumes

Dressing up isn't just for the ladies! Men can get sexy too with costumes like the male cop costume, the Gameland Plumber Halloween costume, the football player costume, the Zoot Suit Gangster costume, and many more sexy costumes for men!

Hey fellas! Why in the world are you letting her have all the fun? She is getting dressed up, looking hot, and turning heads, but you also get a time to shine! You can find all your costume needs right here, no matter what your fantasy or costume desire. Dress up, dress down, or barely dress at all - these costume choices leave the options completely open.

Get your humor on or wear a barely there sexy piece after browsing through our options. From the hilarious Lumber Jack Wood Pecker costume to the Wandering Gunman all the way back to the Robber costume, your options are blown out of the water on this page. Are characters your thing? We have Assassin's Creed characters, Nintendo characters, and Star Trek character costumes. We truly aim to fulfill every fantasy to give you and your partner the best night of your lives.

Whether it's a party or an intimate get together for two, you'll light up your partner's night with any of these costumes. What's her fantasy? Fulfill it here with traditional costumes such as the Male Cop or more out of the way outfits such as the Big Bad Wolf costume. No matter what the occasion, time of day, or special event, you'll be able to dress up for the crowd or just for her by browsing through our available men's costumes. Don't forget to buy a few and fulfill more than one of her wildest fantasies, or wow more than one of your friends at a number of different parties and events.

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  • Mad Hatter Men’s Costume

    5 Piece Mad Hatter Men’s Costume includes Jacket, Vest, Bow Tie, Gloves, and Oversized Hat. * M/L-XL*100% Polyester 

  • Men's Barbarian Gladiator Costume

    Don't be afraid to wear a skirt...the barbarians sure weren't! Tap into your inner warrior for Halloween with the Men's Barbarian Halloween Costume. This sexy, authentic looking barbarian ensemble includes a...

  • Chief Wansum Tail Costume

    You'll never want him to leave the Reservation once he wears this outfit. The 3-piece Chief Wansum Tail costume commands attention in ultra-soft fringed suede. Shirt is sleeveless with fringe across the top and at shirt hem...

  • Lumberjack Wood Pecker

    Lumberjack Wood Pecker Costume for Men. You'll be able to keep Any Lumberjack Busy in this Fun and Practical Plaid Boxer Short with Woodpecker Patch. Featuring Suspenders and an Attached "Woodpecker" with Zipper to Insert...

  • Men's Football Player Costume

    What woman isn't entranced by the handsome football player? He's the one that all their dreams are made of and in this costume you're definitely going to turn more than a few heads. With these fitted white pants and black...

  • Zoot Suit
    Zoot Suit

    Button Front Long Length Pinstripe Zoot Suit with Matching Pants with Side Pocket and Gold Chain Detail. Includes Adjustable Removable Elastic Suspenders, Matching Hat and Neck Tie with $ Sign Detail. (men's black shirt not...

  • Sexy Men's Cop Costume

    Many men have a latent desire to express the authority figure within them. A male cop uniform will do just the trick to bring to life those urges to be in charge of a situation with confidence and control. Who can resist a...

  • Air Force Marshall
    Air Force Marshall
    $42.99 $25.98

    Two Piece Men's Air Force Marshall Costume includes Pilot Boxer and Matching Tie. 

  • Assassins Creed Ezio

    Eight Piece Assassin's Creed II Ezio Costume includes Button Front Shirt, Zipper Front Vest with Attached Hood, Pants, Cummerbund, Belt, Faux Suede Cape with Cross Over Chest Strap, Arm Cuff, and Glove...

  • Black Magic Man
    Black Magic Man
    $48.99 $29.98

    You Can Look Up His Sleeve but That's Not Where He Keeps His Magic. Five Piece Black Magic Man Costume features Crushed Velvet Button Front Vest with Attached Sequin Handkerchief and Satin Cape. Includes Sequin Bowtie, White...

  • Boy Sidekick Costume

    Every superhero needs a good sidekick and you're going to be the perfect sidekick in this costume. This costume is entirely spandex (so you're going to show off everything you've got) and features a cape and belt. Top it off...

  • Buck Wild
    Buck Wild
    $37.99 $22.98

    Be Buck Wild in this Men's Cowboy Costume. Comes with Button Front Shirt with Faux Suede and Contrast Ribbon Piping Accents. Includes Lasso and Velvet Hat...

  • Caesar
    $49.99 $29.98

    2 Piece Men's Caesar Costume features Suede Fabric with Print Tunic, Attached Cape, and Belt. Gold leaf headpiece included. Sword and Shield not included...

  • Comic Strip Suit

    Three Piece Comic Strip Suit. *Jacket*Pants*Tie*100% Polyester

  • Cowboy Boxer
    Cowboy Boxer

    Candyman's Denim/Beige Cowboy Boxer With Side Fringe and "Candyman" Waist Band.

  • Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume

    This versatile, full coverage Star Wars Deluxe Stormtrooper adult sci-if fantasy costume offers deluxe details. Perfect for conventions, theme parties, masquerade parties or sexy adult evenings. The Deluxe Star Wars...

  • Deluxe Superman Cape for Men

    Be the sexiest superhero that ever saved the world in this Deluxe Superman Cape! Floor length red cape with authentic embroidered Superman logo on front. Be stronger and faster than a speeding bullet. Delight your romantic...

  • Dr Herb Smoker
    Dr Herb Smoker
    $49.99 $29.98

    Dr. Herb Smoker Costume for Men has Short Sleeve Lab Coat with Removable "Dr Herb Smoker" Name Badge. Includes Prescription Pad. Doctor's Orders: Chill and Relax...

  • Dr. Rigamortis
    Dr. Rigamortis
    $34.99 $20.98

    Men's Coroner Costume Doctor Rigamortis has Button Front Lab Coat with Pockets and "Coroner" Screen Prints. Includes Matching Face Mask.

  • Dragon Warrior King

    Two Piece Dragon Warrior King Costume includes Brown Distressed Leather Look Tunic with Contrast Waistband and Long Brown Velvet Cape with Faux Fur Collar and Attached Crossed Warrior Bands. Gloves, Sword and Shield not...

  • Fantasy Island
    Fantasy Island
    $24.99 $14.98

    Faux Suede Side Tie G-string with Mesh Leaf Detail on the Front and Back. Includes Matching Armband Tie and Tooth Necklace. 

  • Fire Chief
    Fire Chief

    Three Piece Men's Fire Chief Costume includes Pants with Reflective Strips, Suspenders, and Light Up Fire Chief Hat with Siren Sound Effects.  

  • Gamblin Man
    Gamblin Man
    $103.99 $62.98

    Western Gambler Costume for Men includes Vest with Attached Sleeves, Dickie with Attached Tie, Arm Garter, Hat and Horseshoe Pin. Pants, toy cigar and playing cards not included  Size: M-L-XL-XXL-XXXLColor:...

  • Gameland Plumber
    Gameland Plumber
    $49.99 $29.98

    Men's 3 Piece Handy Man Costume includes Hat, Shirt and Overalls.

  • Gangster Guy
    Gangster Guy
    $56.99 $34.98

    Gangster Costumes for Men - Black and White Pinstripe Double Breasted Gangster Suit. Includes a Dickie, Machine Gun Screen-printed Tie, Carnation Pin and Hat. Shirt not included...

  • Gangster Threads
    Gangster Threads
    $84.99 $50.98

    Four Piece Mens's Pinstripe Gangster Costume includes Double Breasted Jacket, Matching Pants, Tie and Fedora Hat. White Shirt not included.

  • Gothic Gentleman

    Four Piece Men's Pinstripe Suit Costume includes Double Breasted Button Front Coat with Matching Pants, Bow Tie and Moustache. 

  • Gunslinger
    $119.99 $71.98

    Seven Piece Authentic Gunslinger Costume includes Vest with attached Faux Shirt, Chaps, Dicky with Bow, Cowboy Hat, Western Holster Belt, and Toy Six Shooter Revolver...

  • Hef's Smoking Jacket

    Playboy Collection Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket Features Jacket with Front Pockets, Belted Tie at Waist, Contrast Black Satin Collar and Cuffs and Black Satin Playboy Rabbit Head Logo on the Back.  *Includes Pipe...

  • Hugh JaBone
    Hugh JaBone
    $44.99 $26.98

    Men's Hugh JaBone Cave Man Costume. He'll take you to the wild side.Unique Tiger Print Velvet Tunic with Asymmetrical Faux Fur Trim Neckline and Uneven Hem. Includes Rope Belt and Faux Bone...