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Ready to have some fun? When you're ready to try something new or just want to have a little more fun than usual with your partner, fantasy accessories are the perfect way to liven things up a bit in the bedroom (or anywhere). Turn up the notch in your relationship with handcuffs, bunny ears, a fairy wand, fantasy set, a whip, and much, much more.

Toys aren't just for kids! Playtime can be for adults too. Fantasy toys for every occasion and mood are made available by 3 Wishes. Ready to have some REAL fun? When you're ready to try something new or just want to have a little more fun than usual with your partner, fantasy accessories are the perfect way to liven things up a bit in the bedroom (or anywhere).

And accessories add the finishing touches to every costume letting everyone know that you are serious about your costume role playing. Is your lover feeling a bit under the weather? Your nurse box purse is sure to be filled with everything designed to make your lover feel better. Pot O' Gold accessories or Valentine Cat O Nine Tails are perfect for celebrating the holidays your way.

Sexy devil fangs will show your bedroom partner that it's not always just fun and games with you.

And when it is time to prolong the excitement, rely on furry or crystal handcuffs and blindfolds to extend the role playing for hours. Whether you prefer rhinestone whips or schoolgirl bows, your accessories will set the tone for the evening and beyond.

Fun and flirty accessories allow you the opportunity to transform into anyone you desire. Turn up the notch in your relationship with handcuffs, bunny ears, a fairy wand, fantasy set, a whip, and much, much more.

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  • Deluxe Bunny Accessory Set

    The Deluxe Bunny Accessory Set turns any plain Jane into a sexy bunny girl. Instantly recognizable as a sensual and sexy object of desire, the Deluxe Bunny Accessory Set present a playful image for fun and games. Make all...

  • Furry Cuffs
    Furry Cuffs

    Fetish Fantasy Faux Fur Metal Handcuff Cuffs. Lock Up Your Lover And Explore Your Fetish Fantasies With These Fabulous Furry Cuffs. Lined With Velvety-Soft Faux Fur, These Heavy-Duty Cuffs Keep Your Lover Comfortably...

  • Alien Eyes Mirror Sunglasses

    These Alien Sunglasses are the perfect sexy accessory to enhance any of our deluxe sexy alien costumes! Great for conventions and awesome for club nights! Unique shape, metallic edging and mysterious dark mirrored reflective...

  • Mirrored Sunglasses

    Metal Frame Mirrored Sunglasses. 

  • Sexy Bites Vampire Teeth

    I suck...your blood! The Sexy Bites Vampire Teeth are the necessary accessory to create your vampy vampire look for Halloween, theme parties or just because you love all things vampire. These vampire fangs are...

  • Sleek Grip Space gun with light up LED Spinners

    Are you looking for the perfect accessories for your Halloween costume? If you're planning to go as an alien this year then this space gun is the perfect accessory. Black and perfect to hold, this gun has a trigger which...

  • Feather Boa
    Feather Boa

    Fun, Sexy Feather Boas

  • Polka-Dot Bows

    Polka-Dot Stocking Bows. Shown with #L5572 Knee High Stockings not included.  

  • Nine Tail Leather Whip

    Genuine Leather Whip with Nine Tails, Leather Wrapped Handle and Hand Loop. Just heavy enough to inflict some pain and light enough to cause a lot of pleasure. *22” from handle to tail tips...

  • Sweetheart Paddle

    Introduce some light spanking into your bedroom with the sweetheart paddle. This paddle is perfect for introducing some discipline to your bedroom. If you want to be spanked or you are hoping to spank your man, then you need...

  • Good Girl Bad Girl Feather Whipper

    Sometimes you're naughty and sometimes you're nice. These wands are the perfect accessory for a racy rendezvous in the bedroom - but make great gifts for bachelorette parties too! Sometimes you're naughty, and sometimes...

  • Rhinestone Gun

    Rhinestone Clip to Belt Gun.  *Belt not...

  • Bunny Costume Accessory Kit

    Turn a simple chemise or teddy into a bouncy sexy bunny costume with this alluring Three-Piece Bunny Accessory Kit, guaranteed for furry fun! The bunny ears are trimmed with silver glitter applique on a comfortable headband,...

  • Crystal Stethoscope

    Bring the Bling to the Heart with this Rhinestone Encrusted Rhodium Plated Faux Stethoscope.Once he sees you dressed as a nurse, you’ll have to check his vitals and everything else. This sparkly stethoscope will match...

  • Boxing Gloves

    Women's Vinyl Boxing Gloves. Shown with Boxer Girl Costume not included.

  • Schoolgirl Hair Bows
    Schoolgirl Hair Bows
    $12.99 $6.98

    Plaid Schoolgirl Hair Bows with Crest Appliqué.  

  • Crystal Handcuffs

    Crystal Encrusted Metal Handcuffs with Keys and Quick Release Button Incase You Lose the Keys.

  • French Maid Feather Duster

    A perfect complement to any French maid costume. The French maid feather duster comes with white feathers and a plastic black handle.

  • St Patrick Accessory Kit 
* includes Headband & Hairbows with Clover Trim

    Complete your sexy St. Patrick’s Day ensemble with our accessory kit. This kit contains a headband and two hair bows. These accessories have clover trim so you will look oh-so-cute when you put on your favorite costume...

  • Deluxe Bedroom Fantasy Set

    When you want to mix things up in the bedroom and get the fire back into your relationship, you want to get the accessories to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are new to the bedroom fantasy game or have tried it in...

  • Dew Drop Eyelashes

    Black Eyelashes features Droplets. Includes Adhesive.

  • War Axe
    War Axe

    24" Long Hard Plastic Battle Axe with 13 1/2" Wide Blade.

  • Flamingo Purse
  • Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold

    Which girl will you be tonight? You may be bad... but you're so good. Explore sexy role play tonight with this elegant silk blindfold by Booty Parlor that celebrates both your moods. Mix it up with our Wrist Cuffs and...

  • Silver Holographic Eyelashes

    Holographic Black and Silver Eyelashes with Adhesive.

  • Soccer Ball Purse

    Plush Soccer Ball Shaped Purse. Use this Purse to Complete Any Referee Costume.

  • Dorothy Costume Accessory Hair Bows

    Looking for a way to finish your Dorothy costume? Are you missing something? Take a look at these cute and sassy Dorothy Costume Accessory Hair Bows. They feature the classic blue and white checkered pattern that the real...

  • Cozy Cape Costume Accessory

    Finish of any sexy costume with style in this chic, waist length cape, perfect for covering up the bare necessities on a cold Christmas night. The cozy cape costume accessory is lined with luxuriously soft fleece for added...

  • Nippies Flash Tattoos Rocker

    With our love of decorating the body and empowering women to be wild and free, Nippies and Flash Tattoos came together to create a collection of jewelry inspired temporary tattoos perfect for girls who aren’t afraid to...

  • Nurse Box Purse
    Nurse Box Purse
    $9.99 $5.98

    Nurse Box Purse.